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Twilight Avengers is recruiting [2 spots] (maxed guild chests, event rewards, level 200 statues, GW bracket 10-11, legendary tasks)!

Do you like getting all the good stuff but don’t like excessive grinding?

Do you earn lots of gold but don’t want to play PvP all day?

We max all statues each week and do a few Legendary tasks. We’re currently hovering around Brackets 10-11 of Guild Wars. Our official weekly minimums are pretty low; 300k gold (because we understand that life happens), but we still average more than 500k per member and are hoping to add more people that are comfortable contributing 500k+ gold weekly.

We only care about reaching 40k seals about once a month (when the new Mythic is released). So, during our occasional seal surge week, there’s an additional minimum of 1200 seals.

We do all our chat on Discord and want to find more social players that like to strategize. Help us come up with the best Guild Wars teams!

Minimums (but we aim much higher):

  • Must check our Discord chat for announcements.
  • Level 300 minimum for new recruits.
  • Weekly: 300k gold.
  • On Guild Wars weeks, play at minimum 25 of the 30 Guild Wars battles (very preferably all of them).
  • No minimums for Invasion, Raid Boss, and Tower of Doom (but we’ve been fully completing the rewards anyway).
  • During Seal Surge Week (roughly once every 4 weeks, when a new Mythic troop is to be released), we add a seal minimum of 1200 seals, due 10 hours before weekly reset. (This is so that we can hit 40k seals and everyone has a chance to open the maxed guild chests.)

Interested? Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/NpvK3Sv and post your invite code.


Hitting 300K a week. I donate everything to the tasks. Invite code NELSONBOYS2012. Cheers if theirs a spot free.

I am interested in joining. Pls let me know when you have an opening.
Lvl 280+
Can contribute: 300K+ gold, 1,500 seals and 150 trophies weekly.


Welcome aboard! Please send me your invite code and join our chat (I sent the address in a private message).

I am interested in joining.
contribute: 100K+ gold, 1,500 seals and 200 trophies weekly.

2 spots left. I’ll be buying some Guild Keys for everyone soon. Hurry and join before then!

Still one spot!
Forgot to mention one more perk of our guild. I have a little crystal ball that lets me share the details of the latest unreleased troops before everyone else finds out. :smiley:

Invite code: LINJA

All kingdoms are maxed so all my gold will be donated to the guild.

At least 300k weekly + 1k seals.

Just let me know so I can quit my current guild.

Another spot has opened up. Come join us for seal surge week! We are currently at 17,183 / 40,000 seals (Wednesday morning). Check the top post for more info.

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I would like to join your guild if there is free spot. Invite code BAXTER_4
Level 291 very active player

We have one spot open right now!

Hello, if you are still looking for a member, I am quite interested. I’m a lvl 196, and I’m playing every day, and collect 1500 seals/weekly My invite code: MRKEATING27. thx

Someone else got MrKeating first.

So, the spot is still open! Join us!

Hello, I’m relatively new to GoW (level 60). I am on daily and very active, typically maxing weekly seals… almost exclusively from pvp so a good amount of trophy contribution. Currently in a pretty inactive guild that rarely hits even 20k weekly seals. Let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:

We have one spot open! Blue and Green statues are currently maxed. Join us before the reset!

3 spots open. Join us!


Hi Virginia, if you ever get tired of running your own guild, come on back to us! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I will keep that in my heart and thoughts. Thanks a lot friend. :blush:

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Hi! Im HIGHLY interested! Im a little bit new, but I have enough gold and I def get my share of trophies! Im looking for active, fun, friendly, and competitive! Please consider me as being a part of the team! I will not disappoint! I promise !

Invite Code: Raquel_40

Thank you so much!