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Level 1000+ Looking for a new guild

I’m a level 1053, produce 1,500 seals, 150+ trophies, $ mucho gold /week. All my kingdoms are level 10 and most are 5+ stars. Looking for a high ranking guild that actually contributes, both seals and to tasks. Invite code is MARGOLA thanks!

I’m part of a guild called TwilightAvengers, have just messaged my guild leader to see if he’ll send an invite code. The guy really knows his stuff. Good group of people, talk a lot on discord. Pretty active in terms of seals/tasks. Hope he replies soon. Kind regards.


Check out this link if you are still looking. Twilight Avengers (level 142+ statues, GW bracket 4-7) is recruiting! [2 spots]

Lolcats is looking for people, all members contribute and we have hit all tasks to completion every week. Drop by here and let us know, hope to see you there :slight_smile: Lolcats guild recruiting - $350k weekly / 800 seals / level 200+; currently 5 vacancies

Hello, we will potentially have a spot opening in Intrim later this week, we are the #6 guild overall and usually among the highest weekly trophy earners. Our reqs are 500k gold 300 trophies and 1500 seals weekly, we usually complete 25+ legendary tasks weekly, let me know if you can meet these reqs and if you’re interested in joining.

Audles may have a spot opening later this week, if interested.

DruidsGlade is also recruiting!


We are Rank 212 now, 40k seals every week & all task colors complete.

Req’s 1500 Seals 350K+ Gold & 200+ Trophies