Level 1000+ Looking for a new guild

I’m a level 1053, produce 1,500 seals, 150+ trophies, $ mucho gold /week. All my kingdoms are level 10 and most are 5+ stars. Looking for a high ranking guild that actually contributes, both seals and to tasks. Invite code is MARGOLA thanks!

I’m part of a guild called TwilightAvengers, have just messaged my guild leader to see if he’ll send an invite code. The guy really knows his stuff. Good group of people, talk a lot on discord. Pretty active in terms of seals/tasks. Hope he replies soon. Kind regards.


Check out this link if you are still looking. Twilight Avengers is recruiting [2 spots] (maxed guild chests, event rewards, level 200 statues, GW bracket 10-11, legendary tasks)!

Lolcats is looking for people, all members contribute and we have hit all tasks to completion every week. Drop by here and let us know, hope to see you there :slight_smile: Lolcats guild recruiting - $350k weekly / 800 seals / level 200+; currently 5 vacancies - #135 by AnalSwordfish

Hello, we will potentially have a spot opening in Intrim later this week, we are the #6 guild overall and usually among the highest weekly trophy earners. Our reqs are 500k gold 300 trophies and 1500 seals weekly, we usually complete 25+ legendary tasks weekly, let me know if you can meet these reqs and if you’re interested in joining.

Audles may have a spot opening later this week, if interested.

DruidsGlade is also recruiting!


We are Rank 212 now, 40k seals every week & all task colors complete.

Req’s 1500 Seals 350K+ Gold & 200+ Trophies