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Looking for active "good" guild/Gute, aktive Gilde gesucht

I am level 671 looking for a new active guild I am not happy in the one I am right now (212 days) since contributions, activity etc. is not really honored and the guild master not really promoting anybody so she would have some help if she’s not online/active. My nick on Steam is CDRShepard. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ich bin momentan level 671 und auf der Suche nach einer neuen, aktiven Gilde. Ich bin nicht sehr glücklich meiner derzeitigen (212 Tage), da Beiträge und Aktivität nicht wirklich gewürdigt wird. Der Guildenführer befördert nicht wirklich jemanden und hat somit keine Hilfe, wenn sie nicht online/aktiv ist. Mein Nick bei Steam ist CDRShepard. Ich freue mich, von euch zu hören!

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check this :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I don’t like to be forced to use a certain chat.

ok me too but when i use it for first time i understand why.
It’s much better and usefull.

we will be happy to have you in our guild We are one
I’ve sent you an invite
We are an active guild looking for members.
No requirement of gold/seals/trophy but daily play and regular contribution will be appreciated.
Hope you will accept to join us.

Thanks, dumb question. Where do I find the invite?

usually it is on the game mailbox, but i play on a ios device and I don’k know
how steam works.
Other place where it could be it’s guild mailbox.
I invited you like Shepard because if I try to search CDRShepard, it doesn’t
exist. Sometimes nickname and invite code are different.
Your invite code is on the bottom of the setup page(gearwheel on the right
part of the world map). Please check it and let me know.
You can also try to find us on the guild list. The name of the guild is "we
are one"
Hope to see you soon

My invite code would be hawkmon

i’ve just sent you an invite like hawkmon.
That’s why you didn’t find anything. :))
See you soon, if you like

Thanks Daniel, I checked it out, but I need a guild which has more members which are higher leveled. Thanks again though!

Lolcats is looking for members, our guild can be found at this link Lolcats guild recruiting - $350k weekly / 800 seals / level 200+; currently 5 vacancies Drop by the page and let us know :slight_smile:

My guild isn’t that active at the moment, otherwise I would gladly invite you. Wouldn’t you like to join any of the hardcore guilds, where they demand a certain amount of gold per week ? Or is it awful to have to farm gold, not to be sure to get it in time ?

A good slide into the new year / Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr^^

@Hawkmon I sent you a private message.