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LVL 108 Active/Contributing Player Looking for Guild

Hi guys, I have been in a few guilds that just don’t seem to work very well at tasks. Ill admit I don’t know the game in full but each week I pvp till i have a 1 spot,many times continuing to pvp past that. I spend my gold doing tasks and building kingdoms (all are 6 and above some maxed out). Mind you, there are 29 people in my current guild but it doesn’t seem like it. I play day to day and not many tasks get completed. I don’t want to play the game as a job but I also don’t mind getting things done as I contribute towards tasks and trophies. If you need more info on my stats I’ll be glad to post them. Frankly I want a guild that is active, reasonably friendly, with some progression. If your guild might have spot for me let me know I will drop my current and then give you my name. Thanks for reading.

Have you checked out twilight avengers at all? Here, check out this link, see what you think. Twilight Avengers (level 142+ statues, GW bracket 4-7) is recruiting! [2 spots]

The people in the guild are a good bunch, and a lot of fun to talk to (via discord). The Guild Leader, SirCookie really knows how things work, and gives really good advice on lineups, tactics etc. Hope you join dude. I think I’m the only kiwi on this team, I’m just not sure yet.

Thanks for the reply Nelson. I’ll be honest reading the reqs for that guild turns me off a bit. I know everyone is different and I try and play daily. Shoot I pretty much do. But having weekly quotas. I fear my RL stuff might muck it up and I miss said quota. Thanks for replying though. Let me also say this to clarify. I’d like to find a guild that doesn’t have a quota but people do actively contribute. I’d like to join a guild we’re I can contribute alongside them.

if you need a guild, we will be happy to have with us.
We are level 40, rank 1500 and climbing, gold bonus +110%
All the players are active (contributing and playing daily) and the guild is improving quickly even if we are only 5 members.
We don’t have requirement about seals/contribution/trophy but alkl the players are contributing as they can.
Hope to see you soon

Since the last message, our guild leader change things to trying to hit 1K seals a week. I play daily, and it’s kinda cool first thing tuesday morning, finding most of the statues at level 5 already, that’s how quickly things move here. Myself, I’m a happily married man, with 4 growing boys, ages 21-13, and I jump on whenever I can, hitting around 400-500K a week, I’m not really bothered maxing my kingdoms as such, just building up a kick ass team. If you get a chance, try out this combo, Mimic, Bonnie Rose, Pirate, Kraken. Been taking out teams 2-3 times stronger than myself. Makes for a quick pvp ( my last match against a team rated at 7500 lasted about 30 seconds). If you change your mind, holler back, and I’ll drop you an invite. Have a good one dude.

Nelson sent you a pm

Check Dominant out.