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Tuesday faction events are not healthy

They won’t change though. Because the top guilds who can and will play all day long throw gems and cash if needed at these ridiculous events. That’s why factions are getting worse…potions have backfired for the company because 3000 gems on faction release will get it done for the players who can stomach the torture. LB scores are alarming…these guys are playing at an extent that is way, way beyond healthy. But hey some are filling the coffers in order to do so. This and most games care zero about the psychological and financial welfare of the playerbase. That is immoral on an alarming level, especially on a game with a very low PEG rating. Would the devs let their kids, nephews, cousins etc play this game ? Put it this way, I wouldn’t let anyone who is under 18 or with a mental disorder anywhere near it.


People, stop complaining about nothing!
Nothing in this game is mandatory.
Yes, not even playing this game is mandatory.
If you don’t want to do the Fraction Event, then just don’t do them!!!
End of the story.

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Delve are a pain period, event or not, tbh i “felt” more today, done primal rift (and past week did ase and ck), first time i got to last room without driad, the fight took me 1 hour , lost alderfather too (their stupid redthorn always targeted/hitted him), had a treant that was at 1k attack and around 800 armor and 2 golems.

Finally managed to get down to only alder on enemy side (that looked like was always full lol) and? the 2 golems died meanwhile, was my treant vs his alder , 1 skull match was enough to kill him and… skull galore from the sky!!! pam pam pam, 3 hits in one turn, game over.

Second run gone more smooth but even so betwhen both runs waste more than 2 hours (that wasnt fun at all).

Last tuesday did Dark pits on the event and defo dont regret it, in fact was nice kick those stinky rats that killed me so many times when tried normally, more nice than wasting hours trying out of events.

Ofc cant afford to do them all seen there’s also the new delve every month (not that i even want, just want 41500 so can get +1 magic at next new delve) but tbh i dont agree with thread title, should be “delves are not healthy”.

Well, I didn’t quit drinking my first attempt either. I sat out Fang Moor and Dark Pits. But then the gems pile up…

And I never bought the event weapon. Surely there’s no harm in that? Compare the price of Doom Crossbow (Available now in Forge for a mere 60k souls + a nominal fee. You’ll hardly notice it) to the cost of the new Doom event weapon.

And then, well, I’m so close to 300, and fail 1st try, of course. And you know the rest. What else was I gonna do today? Argue politics?

“Let he who is without sin cast the first Gem”. I summoned him, y’all deal with it. I’ve got an addiction to feed.

Please keep in mind that any of the statements made in these quotes should be read in the context of the entire post and thread in which they appeared.

I thought this might be relevant for the current discussion, even though addiction is the more extreme end of the spectrum.

Obviously, lots of things have changed about the game, and probably its production, since then, but I don’t think the statements in there ring as true for me as they once might have.


I have never seen a dev reply In a delves complain thread lmao

It happened in this very thread!

And the quoted post is itself a quote of one of Salty’s posts in a different faction complaint thread.


There have been plenty of responses, mostly defending themselves against the word “abusive”.

They use the same defense as casinos, tobacco companies, drug dealers, and human traffickers: it’s your fault. You installed the game, you can delete it. It’s “not their problem” if they implemented it to appeal to psychological triggers you can’t resist without the help of a professional therapist.

They just set the bear trap, covered it with camouflage, and placed a lot of prizes near it while saying, “Wow, I sure do hope a person lured by these prizes steps in the bear trap so I can charge them money for medical treatment”. It’s not their problem if a sucker dumb enough to actually do it walks in, right?


Presto, stop complaining about people who are concerned about players’ health.
Taking part in a discussion about healthy gaming is not mandatory.
Yes, not even reading this thread is mandatory.
If you don’t want to be a healthy gamer, then just play GoW 24 hours a day!!!
End of the story.


I remember zoo keeper making an entire thread about pvp being unhealthy, and it was extremely physically unhealthy for the whole week.

Seems to me that faction events boil down the worst of that, concentrating it into one singular day, and add the added stress of not betting assured you’ll get to finish. It sounds awful.

Not that i know first-hand. I quit playing this game for real, oh, about 3 years ago.


I stopped after failing the fifth time. I only bought nine tier 7s. There was still a half hour left. See? I can quit anytime I want…

My head feels hungover. gl hf, stay healthy, and avoid Tuesday faction events. That’s my policy.

Until the next time I have a pile of unused gems staring at me. I used to carry a Calvin and Hobbes strip with me: “Zorn, grant me the power to change what I want, the incapacity to accept what I can’t, and the inabilty to tell the difference”. Thanks for letting me share.


I’m all for letting players buy their advancement Tuesdays based on their current progress. Set up an advancement gem scale: eg, 50 gems to jump right to lvl 100, then another 100 to lvl 200, etc. Whatever the gem amount it would normally take us to buy to get to that particular level. It will be contingent on the player’s current progress. Say, you’re lvl 250, so you can’t buy your way to lvl 300, only lvl 200 tops. This will make a pure faction 500 push quite doable on Tuesday.


I actually really like that idea, even though I know the devs would have to inflate the gem cost beyond what a player would have to spend were he or she to use just sigils and time in order for them to account for “potential losses” and “the gem economy’s balance”

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The ability to buy potions permanently could actually be balanced to support both devs and players.

It costs around 2000 gems to do a single day delve event. For permanent potions that apply to delve attempts outside of the faction, charge a significantly higher amount of gems, such as 500 gems for a permanent potion of enchantment, and the prices only going up from there.

A lot of pure factions would be much, much more possible with just enchantment and explosion potions (ex. Hall of Guardians). Make that cost 1200 gems total and the devs are getting a huge portion of what the daily events cost but will get it from far more players that will not or cannot reach level 500 in one day. 5K or even 10K gems for all potions (except those of power) would be a bit much for most players, but it’s something you could work on at your own pace. I use ridiculous numbers here because the devs would never support such a thing if the cost wasn’t extreme. The idea of being able to charge more than double or even five times as many gems to many players for the same thing that only a few players are currently paying for should be very appealing to them.

If you like this idea or something like it, please feel free to post it in the feature request board. Merely asking for delves to be easier or more reasonable without cost will get us nothing because the devs need to make money, too. We can hopefully actually acquire concessions if we speak their language.


I can’t agree with this.

This is an artificial problem that the developers created and having them sell the solution at a high price because people wanted to pay a lot for the solution is just silly.

There are numerous examples of people struggling, and they easily have the data in the backend to see the performance of players and if there is an underperformance in delves.

The devs need to make money, but at the end of a day, they’re a business and not a charity. I’m not going to just give them a ridiculous sum of money because everything else they sell is overpriced as well. I’ll give them money when they create something enjoyable, not because they created a problem and are charging for a solution.


I completely agree. It’s just that asking for that isn’t going to get us anything from devs that only implement additional pay to win features.

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What pay to win?


Ok ok ok, I know, but just hear me out:

Today’s faction is the 11th out of 17, with the 18th arriving Friday. So the 18th will be availabe to do on a Tuesday in 7 weeks, and the 19th faction in 8 weeks, while this one won’t be available again until another 11 weeks after that.

Assuming of course, the delve event schedule remains the same, and the zombie apocalypse doesn’t begin before then.

Besides, I only have enough gems to get the weapon. Maybe a few power potions. I’ll stop at 300 max. I’ve already hid my credit card.

Wish me luck, I’m goin in. For the Horde


Lol. I always skip Tuesday faction event on new faction week. There’s only so much faction I can stomach. And this one’s gonna be on the high end of the 'unpleasant spectrum". Couple of days away from gems in the meantime.

Good luck and may the horde be with you