Potion Issue - Fang Moor Faction Event

Hello everyone,

I have an update on the Fang Moor Potion issue. The team has disabled the Faction Assault shop for the rest of the event.

We’ll be processing a refund for the Gems players have spent purchasing the Tiers in the Faction Event. The development team is currently working on getting this out.

Once the refund has been issued a new Fang Moor Faction Event will be made with the potions from the shop working.

We’re sorry for the issue that happened and thank you for your patience while we get this fixed.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Any ETA on when will the new event be, so players can plan ahead?
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Hey @AMT

I have no ETA as this time but once I do I’ll make sure to post on the forum when the new Fang Moor Faction Event will be happening!

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


The obvious problem/issue regarding rescheduling this event is the strategy the company now employ to coincide the faction event at a time where the associated kingdom and troop type is stat boosted, thereby making faction runs even harder. This means that to avoid a reschedule headache and potentially long wait for the player, the easiest “fix” is to replace this weeks raid boss with a 3 day rerun of Fang Moor. @OminousGMan


Please tell the ‘Snake Charmer’ to do it properly.


Professional way to deal with evident issues. At last.
Sometimes it happens then. :upside_down_face:

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can be best solution now

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Might be a bit soon for this weekend, can only be scheduled after the refund has been processed.
When potions of power got broken with the release of patch 5.7 gems were refunded. It took I think 4 days for gems to get into peoples mailboxes.

Infinity Plus Two doesn’t work that fast. Besides, Raid Boss means new weapon for kingdom power tasks, so I’d rather not see that event type skipping a beat. If they have to sacrifice a regular weekend event for it they can pick Arena.


Lol yeah. I won’t miss arena. I just think that if it does not happen this week it will get swept under the carpet and forgotten like everything else and we won’t see FM for another 8 months or so.


Yeah, I also kind of read “new Fang Moor Event” as “automatically, next time when Khetar rolls around”. I don’t think they can run two Tuesday Delves in parallel, and replacing any of the regular Tuesday Delve events would just relocate the rerun issue. Well, who knows, maybe they are going to surprise us.

They could add it on a Wednesday and run it until Friday.

Neither pet rescue nor class are especially arduous.

Or just replace arena as was already suggested because that sucks anyway.

A refund?? Good on you, IP2!


Yes, you normally buy tiers and also get potions with it. This is a common thing that happens like this since years. Didn’t work this time and this was clearly a mistake, bug, whatever and not the fault of the players. A key problem here was and will most likely continue to be in the future:
no dev could be reached to disable the shop or fix the problem quickly.

But why should players get a (full?) “refund” here? It was clearly visible ingame for everyone that shop tiers didn’t offer potions this week. Whoever didn’t notice that really wasn’t careful at all. How can you act so careless to just click buy on stuff (multiple times?) without looking properly?
The audacity of some people then to cry around publicly about their own mistakes amuses me. How do you survive in the real world? :smiley: If a traffic light stops working you don’t just run across a busy street straight into traffic without looking? In my unpopular opinion players should only get a (full?) refund if the bought sigils remained untouched/unplayed. :wink: Otherwise, why should careless players double profit? (rewards through playing + refund)

There have been occasions in the past where refunds would have made way more sense.
Also sometimes the players have to realise they made mistakes and own their mistakes. I’m fully for blaming devs on stuff they did wrong. But this situation here at best is a 50/50 fault. At best…


I’m one of the unfortunate victims that was indeed careless. I agree with your point that we should pay attention before buying things (multiple times).

It was a matter of habit and not rechecking something that isn’t supposed to change after x years. If we need to check every single thing in our lives every day again because it might have changed, we wouldn’t live at all. Same goes with GoW: if we would check every single thing in the game all the time, we wouldn’t play at all.

Apart from that, i also agree with you that a full refund would be unfair. If the devs are able to redeem the rewards / revert the progress we gained by this while refunding the gems, i would be totally fine with it. I’m pretty sure such thing is basically impossible so that’s why they will only do a refund. Although I’m not really counting on a full refund because of previous statement (and i would understand).

I might not be stating a popular opinion for other impacted people, but these are my honest thoughts about the situation.


First a restaurant and now a traffic light; queen of analogies. Its not 50/50 at all. They messed up and ppl like me who really need to put the hammer down to do a faction Tuesday didn’t check initially because I wasn’t expecting the unexpected. I own that oversight. And there is no way this was a bug; its a recoding issue somewhere possibly linked to deep delve (idk) that nobody bothered to reset for Fang Moor. Yes I didnt check as early as I could have; but the devs didn’t check or test at all.

Though I agree with you, every major change should be announced. I expect Luther to be there warning you, at least. If that happens to me, I wouldn’t know right away since my hoard is high. So basically, I’ll play without knowing it until its too late.

Because it’s less effort than figuring out in detail what the “correct” refund would be for each player, taking all factors into account. And because it’s fairer than just sending every player 50 gems.

Some things you eventually just end up taking for granted. Like when I get out of bed each morning I just assume that gravity goes towards the floor instead of the ceiling, I no longer bother to check first. I trust that whenever anything major changes in that area there will be some prominent warning about it.

Really though, if the popup you get when activating Auto Play would instead ask for a confirmation to delete your account, almost every player would tell it to proceed. Once you’ve done something often enough you need very prominent cues in order to notice any difference.

I feel like in this particular situation “muhaha, gotcha, better pay more attention to tiny details next time” might not have been a popular support response.


An in-game notice (on the event’s Shop page) could have been really nice here … fewer people thinking it’s a bug that way.

Thanks GoW,