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๐Ÿ’Ž Trying to guage interest of people looking for a guild

Like when AAA games sell pre-release games I wanna see how much interest I can get from new players of gems.

Comment here if you are a player with kingdoms not leveled all to 10.

Comment here if you would like a high ranked end game player too level up an alt right along side you.
No new player needs a 1000+ level telling them to use 2 mythics, a legendary, and another troop to make a team when you have hardly any troops.
This end game player would advise you on how to win matches with limited resources.
This end game player would advise to what kingdoms to level up first.
This end game player would advise what kingdom to set as your home for best rewards.

Once you get leveled up and kingdoms to 10 then you would be invited to an established guild to keep building yourself up.
Some people have called this a โ€œfeeder guildโ€ but I hate that reference.
If by feeder they mean we feed you with info, advise, and resources then yes this is a feeder.