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Elite player looking for a new top level Guild

Hello everyone. I’ve been playing Gems of War for over a year now and with all the new updates I can say I enjoy playing now more than ever. I’m not going to mention names because I don’t want to cause any problems, however I’ve been with a Top 10 Guild for the majority of the time playing. Before the guild updates I never had a problem with inactive members because between myself and a few others we always managed to donate above and beyond and keep ourselves happy. However now after a few weeks of the new system I see how important a full guild of contributing members is now.

What am I looking for? I am looking to join a high level Guild with a full roster of dedicated, contributing players. Staying in the Top 10 would be nice because to be completely honest that is where I belong, however I would prefer any guild of high level players that puts an emphasis on active players and high donations.

What do I offer? I am a player that can be relied upon to stay active always, or at least let you know if I will be missing for whatever reason. My level is 480, all of my Kingdoms are rank 10, 9 of which are 5 stars or above. I’m not sure what other guilds have as far as a weekly minimum donation, however I am a lock for 1500 seals + $500,000 gold, and I could go higher on the gold easily if I’m with players doing the same. I don’t think what troops I have or run matters so much, but I have the majority of high level troops upgraded and traited and know how to win against any team.

So please if you think I’d fit into your Guild lets get in touch as I would love to start something new with a full group of dedicated players. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

I can offer you a spot in Intrim or Intrim II, but we do have a bit of a waiting list at the moment. If you are interested in being added to the list, just let me know.


I’m in an active guild. We’re ranked 33 or so in the league. The guild leader is very active and regularly boots non-performing members. I don’t know what your current guild is like. I cannot promise that we will outperform what you’re getting now. We complete about half of the tasks now. We are also active in chat. If this sounds like a guild you’d be interested in, let me know. Otherwise, good luck finding a guild that suites your needs.

I run the UNSC a rank 29 guild, we would be glad to offer you a spot within the guild. I have in the last week kicked all inactive players to make room for more active players, I am happy to say all 29 members are fairly to very active. We currently don’t have any minimum requirements, just that you play and donate when and what you can. We want people to enjoy playing the game and not feel like they are forced to only play PVP, which I think burns some people out and then the game begins to feel more like a job. If this sounds like a guild you might be interested in, I look forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Bat Wiiiitch From The Alliance (number 3 and climbing to 2nd in league). We’ve been doing a good job of maxing our statues. 533K, 1500 seals. Currently maxed on (at least) purple, red, blue, brown statues. looking at yellow and green in the next couple days. level 5 chests. Message evil bat witch on xbox.

Hey I sent you a msg on Xbox live, but just in case I’ll reply here as well :slight_smile:

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