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Trophies for treasure hunt, along with Global chat while hunting

it would be wonderful if we got trophies for doing treasure hunt.

somewhere like 1 trophy for getting 60 moves.

That way there is more incentive to do treasure hunts. Well at the same time people who already do
treasure hunting can now benefit their guilds more.

It takes a really long time to get to 60 moves. So its no way faster than farming pvp. But it should still

be a possibility.

Also we need global chat in Treasure hunting. With the new pirate kingdom coming out.

I think that treasure hunting should get a breath of fresh air!



I agree that TH needs a buff to make it more interesting for mid- and end-game players.

For me it’s a waste of time - I get three times as much gold in half the time from PvP.

TH could:

  • give experience
  • scale rewards better with player level
  • cash in multiple maps at once to multiply up the rewards (I used to be against this idea, but as I now have 1000s of maps cluttering up the place…)
  • offer bonus seals for doing say 10 TH games a day

…and yes, with the pirate stuff, it’s topical to revive it…

sounds good, especially the lvl-based reward scaling (although I wonder how tricky to implement would it be),

I’ll support this idea as soon as my arena-revitalisation campaign is over :smiley: until then, get in line!