Treasure Maps + Trophies

Ok, super minor suggestion here. Can we get a trophy reward for completing so many turns during treasure maps. Suggestion, 60 = 1, 120 = 2 and so on. We have some people in my small guild that enjoy doing treasure maps still. But they feel like that they don’t get rewarded towards the guild requirements that require trophies. Can we help this very small group of players out by rewarding them with trophies please.


I love the treasure hunt mode as well it is fun and wish I could justify playing it but am in a top trophy guild and makes it very hard to justify any time spent on it. 1 trophy for 60 moves would still be nothing when compared to how fast you can get trophies in pvp 3 and explore modes or arena. Maybe if they did a trophy for every 10 turns and gave additional bonus trophies in chests with higher rarity chests giving more trophies. Treasure hunts take a lot of time so the trophies per time spent should be at least comparable to other modes.