Troop that disables traits

I want a troop that disable traits.

Something like: “Deall X damage to a troop and disable a random trait for the rest of the battle.”.

Of course you could have a legendary troop that disable more traits or on more troops…


This is a fun idea!

Imagine, a chance to disable some of those really pesky traits: Maws, Queen Mab, Sheggra or Bone Dragon!

I think this could be a cool feature that could add an element of surprise to fights against legendary troops.

Perhaps, a status effect: Curse - disable all traits, there is cumulative 10% chance to recover each turn


Really like this idea, and it’s much better than just nerfing all the currently popular cards. Also, I think there could be one trait that makes a troop immune to devour.


One of these things is not like the others.

I’m not sure I can back this idea. Traits are a big part of certain troops identities to the point where they can go from borderline useless to really good depending on whether they have traits or not, or barely noticeable. Unless the trait disable was in the form of a status effect (and therefore itself have counters) and/or based from a spell on a mythic base troop, the barrier to entry to obtain a troop with a spell that can cancel a trait would be far, far lower than it would be to obtain the traits themselves. If the meta becomes trait removal, then traits become less valuable, which is bad for everyone in the long run, since these are the biggest long term goal the game currently has to offer. Most traits already have a counter of some kind.

It could be a status effect.

Amnesia - Troop forgets a random trait. 10% cumulative chance to recover each turn.