Remove traits from troops

So when i play the typical thief (sparklesack, egg thief, hero, greed) and troop 1 + 4 are dead and the banditcrew comes to help, the stealthy trait from them are dumb… 4 stealthy troops are unstealthy.

So, i tried to disechant all my bandits to zero and loot new bandits from goldchests, but then i see, the traits are traidet. Damn!

Let me remove traits, even the traitstones are away


I could see an argument for Stealthy troops to remain untargetable even when there are no non-Stealthy troops on your team - it would require some changes to spell-casting though, to prevent bugs.

Hm… I can see how overall this would be a useful feature, but not if this is something that’s only become an issue you are considering due to one Trait/Troop. As opposed to thinking about this frequently and how helpful that would be to have for other situations.

No no no, Thief needs to have that weakness. Leave it alone lol.


There are certainly troops who have traits that situationally are quite bad similar to some weapon upgrades. A fine example is the grave seer, a troop who enchants the strongest troop but has a bonus to life making it the “strongest”. It’s not like a powerful, instakill legendary exists in the same faction… oh wait. While currently there are no outright negative traits like the weapon upgrades that destroy gems, there are definitely situations where traits and talents can have negative impacts. One of the biggest things revolves around death triggers. Death triggers on both enemies and allies is perhaps the most broken gameplay aspect currently and where some of the more infamous bugs have occurred in the past such as EK style effects or ubastet. I’ve had quite my fair share of death shenanigans myself. Grave seer was an oversight, but there really should be a proper look at death triggers as it feels everytime something gets “fixed” a bunch of other troops get less useful as they were not working as intended, but what IS intended?


Would love to remove the Bonestorm from Pharoah Hound. So at least a 2nd case.

Or maybe implement a feature to reskill a troop or set it to zero in all the ways, copies away, levels away, traits away. For 20 gems or what ever.

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Just played Tower of Doom and had the following scenario:

On first spot I had my hero with earth fury to push the damage. He sadly died and when I killed a enemy, it spawned this Wights with just 40 damage. So prolonging this fight would give the enemies enough time to cast or I had to leave skulls for the enemy, that they kill the Wights again.

Best example for an option to remove this trait of Keeper of Souls.

But in general I am pretty unsure, how removing traits should work, because it have influence on the kingdom’s power. So for power level 9 you need 16 fully traited troops. If you had that and you remove a trait of a troop, then you have just 15/16 traited troops. Will the powerlevel decrease again then?

Also will you get your traitstones back? If yes, how many?

So an option would be cool, to remove traits, but it has to be well implemented then, because there would be space to abuse things.

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If you reset a troop or a trait, the stones are away and kingdomstars also. Easy. No way for abuse or bugs. Same way you got it, resources are dead. I’m fine with that price.