Suggestion: unique traits

There’s been a lot of talk about whether teams with multiple troops of powerful cards should be allowed in the game. Many people believe that restricting team building to not allow more than one of each troop would benefit the meta, but the Devs have publicly stated they will never do this (presumably because many players have spent a lot of money, time and resources on obtaining multiple copies). So, respecting the Devs statement…

Suggestion: certain traits are marked as unique, and any multiples of that trait will be deactivated

This would include all mythic traits, and other grief traits like jinx, empowered, gate guardian, etc. Ultimately it would be down to the Devs to choose which traits to mark as unique. It could prevent teams of 3 x spirit fox or 3 x famine being such an annoying battle.

  • Unique traits would be denoted by an icon.
  • If more than one troop uses a unique trait, the troop furthest down the team is deactivated. This is shown by a deactivated icon overlayed on the trait.

Further suggestion: traits are split into dynamic and static

This would also require an icon to denote whether a trait is dynamic or static.

Dynamic traits only apply when a troop in play has a trait, is alive, and is not stunned.

Static traits apply at the beginning of the game and remain in place regardless of stun, death etc.

To some extent this already happens; a link trait can be stunned but a bond trait cannot. The benefit of the denotation is to make it clear which traits can be stunned, but also to prompt the Devs to consider making global traits stunnable.


Love the suggestion.

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You love it until it gets implemented and your most favorite stack trait gets on the no-stack list, and your most hated one doesn’t.


Do you envision traits being able to be reactivated? I’m thinking of the Kerb/Spider/FG/Kerb team, where initially the gate guardian trait would be deactivated on the last Kerb (as you described), but what if my first troop dies? Does the trait come back to being activated? Quick enough to allow a spawn to fill the first slot? Just curious as to what you may envision!

Side thought: Is Jinx a beginning of the battle trait like bonds, or does it finish as soon as the troop dies? I’ve never tested it and paid attention to what happens.

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Hadn’t thought that through tbh Zippity! I think that yes, if one troops dies then the next one becomes active.

One of the reasons I wanted to differentiate between static and dynamic traits is that it’s really interesting (to me) to think about:

  1. When does a trait activate?
  2. Can (or should) it be possible to be stunned?
  3. Does it deactivate with death?

E.g. should empowered be able to be stunned?
Should blessed or bond deactivate upon death?
How about a mythic link trait (like Queen Aurora’s) that survives the troop dying?
Or how about blessed and bond traits activate for summoned troops so you can get a bonus every time a new troop comes into play?

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I just post that here: :wink:

Nov. 16


either make all unique or non is. don’t play favorite. hehe.

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I still think the best way to handle uniqueness is to create 2 playing fields, or league. Classic and Restricted.

Lot’s of games do this, and I think GoW has a big enough player base to support this.


:cold_sweat: er… Great minds think alike

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At first I thought this was going to be something about having unique traits for team composition. Like 4 unique undead causes 50% soul bonus or something similar 4 unique Dragons and you get burn on 4 or 5 gem matches. I like that idea myself and it would encourage diversity more than a stat boost.

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Although I love the idea, I think it would make it to complex.

You would be better of giving certain troops, like real legendaries and mythics, a 4th unique trait.
You could move some of the currently overpowered traits into that 4th slot, and then give those cards an extra “normal” trait.

That way the 3 normal traits work the same for all cards.
And the extra 4th trait, the unique one, will work the same for all cards that have this 4th trait.

Tagging @Sirrian and @Nimhain to see if we can maybe get a little update on their idea of unique traits, as mentioned in the linked post from November by @turintuor

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