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Troop has different magic stat in 2 teams

I just got my Knight Coroner to mythic and the team I usually use him in which has:
Knight Coroner
Mist Stalker

Knight Coroner stats are when playing:
Attack 22
Defense 36
Health 31
Magic 19, which deals out 20.

I put him in another team with Pridelands troops for a task and the Magic has gone up for no reason that I can see.
The team has:
Knight Coroner
Shadow Hunter

The only bonus should be 3 attack which is for having 3 different Pridelands troops, but I also get a + 1 to magic, which makes magic 20, which deals 21.

Is this a bug, or is this something I am not seeing.

Knight Coronet has the Water Spirit trait (2nd slot) giving it +1 Magic for each Blue ally, Shadow Hunter is Blue.


Thanks for that, I don’t know how I missed that.

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