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Triple Feature Request, Literally!

Yes, I could have written each idea/ suggestion separately as it is commonly done. However, no rule bars me from doing this 3-in-1 topic run. First time for everything. So here goes and in no particular order…

Request #1: Expand Arena With Two More
No offense, its a mess. The structure is fine. But the actual weapons, troops, and payout need some better organization. If Arena is meant for newcomers, then structure it for beginners. Bring back the level 10 troops. Add traits when the player chooses a harder difficulty level. And regulate the weapons according to the base rarity of these troops at play, the highest of which is Ultra Rare.

For a higher version of Arena, introduce the Colosseum located in the land of the Giants, Stormheim. In this mini-game, players get to fight with/against Epic and Legendary troops. Makes sense to use Epic and Legendary weapons in this mode. Ally troops start at level 15; Traits, ascension, and bonuses are determined per difficulty level. Payout is greater per round.

Last, but not least, for a slight variation of the game, introduce the Hippodrome located in either Pan’s Vale, or Maugrim Woods. In this mode, player selects troops from a certain kingdom to battle against another kingdom’s troops. Player has the option to take part or let a fourth troop take his/ her place and fight any random kingdom they face per round. Its like playing Challenges but strictly more team-oriented using troops from that kingdom only. Payout is the greatest of the three. So is the entry fee.

Request #2: Improve Scouting of Enemy Troops in PvP
The current WYSWYG (what you see what you get) Scouting is insufficient whether you pay 50 gold or have it for free at VIP 3. We simply need more intel. How about knowing their Guild level masteries at VIP 5, for instance? or their kingdom level masteries at VIP 6/7? And subsequently their Hero level masteries at VIP 7/8? And just to be clear, this has nothing to do with which guild the enemy hero belongs to; Its about knowing what their guild masteries are atm before engaging them in PvP. I understand some players wouldn’t care to have further intel. But for those who might like that option, why not offer it? You can learn a lot that way imho.

Request #3: Revitalize Treasure Hunt
This is a really fun game that can easily be tweaked by adding difficulty levels. The higher you go the more you stand to gain. When playing at Normal, player starts with 14 turns and the current payout in place. At each higher difficulty level, player starts with less than two turns but a higher payout per level upon completion. So at Hard Difficulty, player starts with 12 turns; at Warlord I, its 10 turns; and so on and so forth.

The mechanics are still generally the same. Perhaps add a certain reward drop when a player creates a cascade. Normally we earn Treasure Maps elsewhere, but in this Treasure Hunt, maybe a gold key at Normal and Hard difficulties while minor, major, and runic Traitstones at Warlord difficulties. I do think making the payouts different and more rewarding at Warlord would make it more fun. Like, how about getting an arcane stone or a Legendary troop in a vault?

Just thinking aloud here. Some of you might like what I shared here and that’s nice. I don’t mind differing views. But ultimately, its really up to the creators of this game to consider it if they can technically, of course.

Thanks for reading.

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Arena variations? We were asking for those since arena is in the game. All we got in the over-a-year period is few days of epics (though with broken lowest tier being rare for some and common for others).

And TH changes req has a ton of topics with zillion of posts. Including few from devs stating it is cool as it is and people under lvl 100 play it excessively and demand maps in package deals too.

So don’t hold your breath.