Tributes provide less gems

I’ve noticed since this new patch came out that gem rewards through Kingdom Tributes have dropped significantly.
Pre-patch, for a five Kingdom tribute you would receive 20gems, (four Kigdom tribute was 15gems and three kingdom tribute was 10gems if memory serves me right).
Now, a five kingdom tribute provides only 4gems (four kingdom tribute is 3gems, three kingdom tribute - 2gems).
This is a large difference. Is this due to the ability to double tribute chances to 20% through increasing a Kingdom’s power rating? Or were the previous gem rewards too high for the original gameplay and were required to be scaled down?
Seeing as there are now even more things you can purchase through collecting gems, wouldn’t a boost (or atleast no reduction) in the tributes be a fair call?

Both, actually. The issue came in 1.0.7 when kingdoms became exclusively able to be upgraded by gold. This made leveling kingdoms far easier, making tribute gems collectable at an economically dangerous rate.

To combat this, 1.0.8 scaled it down, but also double paralleling the scale with double tribute chance which is more difficult to obtain than upgraded kingdoms. (Not unlike how difficult it was pre-1.0.7)

While there are a couple more things to buy (chest options), it was bad business to leave it as it was. Just collecting more often (and being apart of an active guild) is enough to accumulate gems, and with the guild patch (coming 3 patches from now) we might see enough of a system change for gems to feel more obtainable again.

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Furthermore, tributes can now scale past 5 kingdoms (before, anything higher would give the same 20 gems and no higher). And I’ve had 6 or 7 more than a few times myself since 1.0.8, sometimes 2-3 in one day.

Yeah, what he said…

Pre the patch, you could expect 4.66 gems per collect if you had all kingdoms levelled.

Now, with all Kingdom levelled to 10, plus all at Power Level 3, you would expect 2.99 gems per collect.

So, yes there has been a significant reduction. One of the Dev’s indicated that GoW felt too much was being given away too easily previously, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on it re-increasing any time too soon.

Maths for this at the attached link.

Hmm, seeing that math it does sound daunting. I suppose it’s just one of those things where you feel let down after noticing a reduction in rewards: You’ll get over it but you always get to thinking, “Bah…I would have scored 20gems there previously…” :slightly_smiling:
On another note, @Namour, I’ve seen how you love your statistics :smile:
I wish I had seen that linked post prior to making this one, would have satisfied my curiosity and stopped me from feeling the need to create this