No tributes

Right so I been playing Gems of War for about 2 weeks straight, and have about 13 kingdoms, at level 10 with 24% chance of a tribute. The rest are level 5 and around 10 %. I check tributes every hour because with those percentages, I should be gettin around 7 or 8 tributes an hour. This is not the case, and I only get 1or 2 tributes every hour. The game is broken. Has anyone else experienced this.

After taking this into consideration, it seems after a month of playing at this tribute rate, I could be robbed millions of gold. I fully expect gems of war to give me all the gold I’ve been robbed.

You only get one tribute per hour. Your kingdoms affect the likelihood of receiving a tribute from them once an hour.


The help section says, every time you click income, they all provide a certain amount of chance to give tribute. I get 8 sometimes, should just be all the time. I’m gonna be short over thousands of gems.

What do you mean by “all the time”? The help article states once an hour in the very first sentence.

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13 kingdoms at 24% is .24^13 chance that ALL would payout at once. It ain’t gonna happen — that’s a really small number.

Best you can hope for at your level is about one tribute from every fifth kingdom or so, for a total of 7 kingdoms an hour (and probably only about one gem per, until your Power Levels go way, way up).


What about those tributes seems off to you? They look about right, to me.

Remember above I said the best you could hope for is 7 kingdoms at once. That means that usually you’ll see half that — around 3-4 at a time.

Do the math the other way, and maybe that’ll make more sense: calculate the odds of having all your kingdoms not payout.

That’s 76% individually for 13 kingdoms, and 90% for those that remain, using your info. So…

(.76^13)(.9^20ish) = (.028)(.12) = .00336

So, you can see the odds are really low you’ll see nothing, but interestingly the odds aren’t terrible that you’ll see nothing at all from your 20 unleveled kingdoms (12%), meaning your actual tribute pool a lot of the time is pretty small.

You can do more complex equations that aren’t all-or-nothing (yes I got at least one tribute vs. no I didn’t get a single one), but you’ll need a better statistician than I to teach you how to do those calculations.


As @Magnusimus said, I am not sure what seems off to you. You posted pictures but nothing else. With each picture, what were you expecting?

For someone that started two weeks ago, nothing seems off to me.

Once you get all kingdoms to minimum power level 4 and then after that get them to all to minimum power level 9 you should start seeing the difference then. Notice I said power level, there’s a difference between power level (kingdom stars) and kingdom level (the number you see on the world map on each kingdom)