Tribute promised and collected

I noticed a tiny issue - I believe it’s a bug with rounding numbers: tribute promised on a kingdom screen and tribute collected from that kingdom differ. For example: Adana power level 9, tribute (according to the kingdom info) 577 gold, 13 souls, 7 glory; collected tribute - 578 gold, 13 souls, 7 glory. Difference in 1 gold. The same is for Pridelands power level 12 (357 and 358 gold) and for Wild Plains power level 11 (178 and 179 gold). For Urskaya power level 7: 578 vs 577 gold. For other kingdoms all is well: Khaziel, Dhrak-Zum, Drifting Sands, Broken Spire… Have you seen it too?

@Kafka, @Cyrup, is it worth fixing?