The Mystery of the Missing Tribute


This is a really weird one. I have all Kingdoms at level 10, all except Blighted Lands at double tribute amount, so they all generate an even number of Glory. Blighted Lands is the odd one out, it only provides a single Glory for me. I eventually noticed that I always get an even number of Glory when collecting tributes. I started tracking it, even after collecting tributes 50 more times the amount was always even. The probability for this happening is very low (1:500 for the 50 tributes I actively monitored, 1:250000 assuming that there were at least 50 more tributes before that).


  • I might just be experiencing a weird random number streak.
  • Blighted Lands might provide tributes different to the ones listed, possibly even none at all. Has anybody ever received a single kingdom tribute from Blighted Lands and can share the amount?
  • The number of kingdoms participating in tributes might be capped, possibly at 20. Blighted Lands, being my kingdom with lowest power level, would never provide tributes.

Ideas/observations anybody? If there really is a kingdom cap, it might pay off to optimize power levels for the resource most wanted.

Blighted Lands does not give tribute

I will definitely be paying attention to that in the future, since I am in a similar position.


I’m pretty sure it is just bad luck. 50 trials is still relatively low for something like 10% chance. I remember getting a singled out blighted lands tribute the other day, so it is definitely working. There were also people who had both to 3 stars reporting a noticeable increase in tributes, so that is a thing too.


After roughly a day and a half (and 18 tribute collections), I have gotten zero tributes with an odd amount of glory. Now, the odds of that are 15%, but it’s still a longer than expected streak if Blighted Lands has a 10% chance each time I check. I will continue to pay attention.


I’ve gotten lucky and received an Infernal King. Unfortunately, that pushed Blighted Lands to one golden star, so I can’t check this any longer.

@Sirrian: Is there any cap to the number of kingdoms participating in tributes? It feels like something that might eventually get introduced, considering that we get a new kingdom about every other month.


Since I started writing down tribute values, I have had 42 consecutive tributes without an odd number of glory awarded. We are now at roughly a 1% chance of this happening naturally. I should have another couple dozen by this time on Monday, so we’ll see if the significance keeps rising.


Since keeping track of my tributes, I am at 87 consecutive tributes with an even number of glory. Google’s calculator tells me that this is a 1 in 10,000 streak if occurring by pure chance (90% chance of not getting tribute from Blighted Lands, 87 times in a row).

I am now 54 times more likely to have received tribute only from Blighted Lands. Given my kingdom star levels there is a 0.0054 chance to get tribute only from that kingdom, and I’m rocking a 0.0001 chance streak right now.

I am comfortable saying that something is fishy (and it’s not the new troop for this week). @Sirrian?


Hmm, just a thought: What is your Home Kingdom?


Good thought, no match though. Mine is Whitehelm, Grundulum also isn’t located in Blighted Lands.