Blighted Lands does not give tribute

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I got Blighted Lands to level 10, so I expected to get tributes 10% of the time. This would award 1 glory, an odd amount.

Every other kingdom is at one gold star or higher, so all other kingdoms that send tribute will give an even number of glory. If I get a multi-kingdom tribute with an even number of glory, I can be certain that Blighted Lands didn’t trigger.

It has now been 143 consecutive tribute checks with an even number of tributed glory, i.e. 143 consecutive times that my supposed 10% chance of tribute from Blighted Lands has failed. There is about one chance in 3.5 million that this would happen randomly.

(For the statistically inclined, I am pretty sure this puts me in the 5-sigma tail of a normal distribution. This meets the threshold in particle physics to declare a discovery, so I am comfortable saying here that something is wrong.)

Edit: Friday at 16:30. I sure picked a great time to try and get the devs’ attention on this.

Edit again: Blighted Lands is not my home kingdom, so it is not being doubled there either.

Edit again again: it goes without saying that I also haven’t had any single-kingdom tributes from Blighted Lands.


maybe none of the emissaries can make it out alive :grin:


This is a curious find, indeed. I post here so I watch how this thread unfolds.

I’m pretty sure in one of my solo kingdom tributes be blighted lands.

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My client developed an error where crlestials would not drop. I went almost 1500 matches without. I know because at warlord 4 difficulty I would come up with nothing every now and then. I had to uninstall and reinstall. IOS

We found a glitch in the Blighted Lands tributes, thanks for spotting that.
We’ve hotfixed the issue, and you should now see Blighted Lands starting to give tributes correctly.


To satisfy my curiosity, what was the nature of the glitch?

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It was an interesting one (slightly embarrassing from a coding standpoint, but the sort of issue that creeps into commercial software constantly, so I don’t mind sharing…)

On the server, there was a bunch of data used back in 1.0.6 (?) which tracked the final quest in a kingdom, for the purpose of figuring out Kingdom Levels (back in the days where completing quests & challenges contributed one level each).
That particular array of data was extended to ALSO contain some information about whether kingdom tributes were Glory, Souls, or Gold)
It contained all kingdoms up to and including Drifting Sands.

With the new Kingdom-Levelling & Tribute system however, we deprecated that data, but hadn’t got around to removing it yet. Tribute amounts were actually pulled from a new table.

It turns out that although the Blighted Lands tribute data was added to the NEW table, that the tribute system was querying the OLD table to get the list of kingdoms to check… so it was seeing every kingdom EXCEPT Blighted Lands. Our automated testing missed this because it could see the new data there!

Turned out to be a simple one-line fix on the server!


Boy, do I ever understand bugs arising from new versions of code interacting with old.

Edit: paging @Fourdottwoone – your initial suspicions about the tribute turned out to be right on the nose.


I just received a single tribute for Blighted Lands, so I can confirm the fix has worked.
(Not that I didn’t trust the word of Sirrian…)


Well, it took me another 30 tries after Sirrian mentioned the hotfix, but I finally got a tribute with an odd number of glory. Case closed, I guess.

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I read this, opened the app, and this happened.