Kingdom rewards not working? (PC/mobile)


I have Adana with one golden star, which should give double the tribute reward. I just now collected the kingdom money and Adana gave me tribute, but only 350 gold, 4 glory and 8 souls, which is the default tribute. Shouldn’t it give 700 gold, 8 glory and 16 souls?


Ok new development. Kaziel is my home kingdom and also has the double tribute level. I just collected gold and Kaziel was the only kingdom to give tribute and it gave 1000 gold. Again, the double reward level didn’t work, it was supposed to give me 2000 gold (500 base x 2 for being home kingdom = 1000, x 2 for the double reward level = 2000).


When you get the double tribute from power level, it doubles the value in the “tribute reward” list. If it is your home kingdom, it will say 2x.

1000 gold is correct for Khaziel.


Yep, normal baseline tribute for Khaziel is 250 gold, so 1000 is correct.


This guide should help you to check the base value in tributes each kingdom provides:

(Scrolling down that page will show you a nifty little flow chart provided by KAYA43V3R as well.)


Ah ok, this makes sense now. Thanks