Treasures and Temptations

I just wanted to ask about the timeline for the 2023 roadmap. With the new kingdom being released this week and guild wars next week, I figured that the patch which was scheduled for the month of February will be delayed until next month.

It looks like things are going to be busy for all of us gem fanatics this week with the new kingdom and next week, when we enter glorious gems of war combat.

All that I am asking for is confirmation on my assumption, so that I can look forward to “treasures and Temptations” next month. A response would be greatly appreciated @Kafka, @Jeto, or anyone else that has information on regarding the release schedule.

Who says “big update” and “guild wars” can’t be done together? :wink:

Main thing: you are correct, it is sad, that we somehow get a “roadmap”, but the “real timeline” is mostly unknown until stuff eventually goes live, often delayed, often with “unforeseen” complications.


They have until next Tuesday to release “this month”, which is plenty of time. Likely next
Monday or Tuesday.