Treasure Map visual bug

Version/Platform: Encountered on v6.2 (Switch)

Description: When casting a spell that can generate Treasure Maps, if a Treasure Map is collected then the alert always appears between slot #1 and #2 regardless of which Troop generated it. It should instead appear next to the Troop whose spell generated it, as other resource alerts (Gold, Souls, Extra Turns) do already.

Screenshots or video:
Tyri spellcasting from each position in the team. Note that while the Gold alert is centered on the spellcaster, the Treasure Map alert is in the same screen position each time regardless of caster.

Further information:
This is strictly a visuals bug – the gameplay is functioning correctly.

I generally use Tyri for farming purposes and typically in slot #2 of my farming team, so I never thought anything peculiar about the Treasure Map alert popping up near her slot. But upon tempering a weapon with the “Treasured” perk (in this case Runic Blade+8), I noticed the Treasure Map alert appearing next to slot #2 instead of my Hero (in slot #4). Being well-conditioned to see this alert around Tyri exclusively, I was confused when it appeared next to an unrelated Troop on my team.

[Edit: correction - the fact that Tyri’s spell collects Gold has no impact on where the Treasure Map alert appears, if one is generated, thus it does not differ between her, Marid, and other spells that can generate Treasure Maps]