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Koliseum? Better add automatic Treasure Hunt

Just an option for Tyri: either you want to hunt treasures manually, or you send Tyri to do it herself (AI hunting). Yes, it will be poor comparing to your manual efforts, but it will be quick at least. Maybe spend some gold for it, or leave Tyri some percent from the gold got in hunting.

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Or better yet make a special part of the game where you send tiri with 1-100 maps depending on time needed and she will “embark” on a treasure hunt quest.

Something like:

  • 1 scroll - 5min - reward 1-5 gems
  • 10 scrolls - 45min - reward 10 - 20 gems
  • 100 scrolls - 1d 12h - reward 40 - 100 glory

Would make something that we are not heavly involved but would give nice bonuses from time to time.