Treasure map leaderboard

I know this may have been suggested before, but I’m too lazy to necro one of the old threads so…

Add a weekly leaderboard to the treasure map system. Count in it the total number of moves/highest ammount of vaults/whatever.

Not just that it will bring some life to one of the most ignored game modes (after arena), but it will offer a skill-based opportunity to earn some gems and orbs, as opposed to the existing leaderboards, where its either heavy investition (regular event lb), or sheer ammount of time/account sharing/automatisation (pvp lb) that decides who gets the orb.

There’s little actual skill involved in playing 16 hours/day (pvp lb) or spending gems on sigils (all other lbs). While treasure map results are mainly skill based (with a flavour of rng, of course).

To say it in other words, a treasure map lb gives an alternate way to get those power orbs, without unhealthy time spending or money involved.


Sounds fair enough; although it still won’t get me participating beyond the 2nd gem reward. The only thing you’re forgetting is that many high level players have 1000s of maps so they can still swamp any LBs unless the rewards are related to specific criteria (most moves in a single match) plus higher guilds get more moves at the start I think (not entirely sure). Sadly for you, I can’t see it happening with maps or weekly events because there are no associated revenue opportunities for the devs, and its very clear that rewards without investment is not how they roll. Gem rewards etc for weekly event can’t be sniffed at because with the exception of maps, you are being rewarded for basically doing what you would normally do anyway…PvP and/or farming (with hero boosting). But I wish you luck with the proposal, knowing that the PvP community will demand orbs also from PvP events if your suggestion gets the thumbs up.

Yea, that’s what I thought about, highest moves in a single match, not the total moves over the week. The later would be far to weighted over in favour of some.

You do get an orb of power already in pvp lb, so people can’t demand what’s already ingame.

There is no power orb (or any orb) up for grabs on PvP LB, only gold, gems, ingots and arcanes. At least that’s the case on Xbox. Your proposal has merit but as I said, higher guilds have more turns at the start of the treasure hunt, which kind of affects the skill earning victory issue.

True, no orbs on pvp lb. I blame the coffee🤦

Maybe statue bonuses could be excepted from the total move count, for fairness.

I am not sure how it works to be honest; I am in a new guild and I am pretty sure I had more starting moves when I was in a top 10 guild, but I couldn’t stake my life on it. Someone from a high level guild should be able to clarify. But yes, removing these bonuses would make it a level playing field with LB position awarded on merit.

It’s the statue bonus, I forgot about it. Green guardian gives bonus turns on treasure maps.

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They should at least make a redeem feature for treasure maps since a lot of people got few 1000 piles lol
Maybe xx amount of treasure map for xx amount of trait stones, gems, diamonds, or whatever.
No I was just kidding it won’t happen :slight_smile: It breaks the economy of the game, and that’s the priority of devs.