Modern Treasure Hunt Leaderboard w/ Prizes

I realize more things that have leaderboards attached to them is starting to be the last thing we need, but it would seriously get people to use maps.

Use one or both of the “score” or the number of moves we get. Best wins - not “most spent on it”, the best. Weekly or even monthly or something.

And attach one of these prize pools that has an orb of power at the top and so on down the tiers.

And ferret out hackers. Because we’ve got those.


I hardly ever use maps but this would definitely change that. +1 to this.

This game mode needs something. Anything. Therefore thumbs up to this suggestion.

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I hate maps and weekly events like this week (what i always ignore) but i give a vote for this.
Treasure maps need something…

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Bump for this. Was gonna make the thread then I remembered I already had! Duhh.

This is me:

And I like this mode.


Back in the old days before the maps were nerfed this was probably my favorite mode!

Of course, there used to be a lot less in the game to do… XD

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I would love a leader board for maps!

What are these?

Uhh, these guys?

Really though, TH Leaderboard. Stat.