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Treasure Hunt Weekly Leaderboard

I have an Idea for the Treasure Hunt mini game, I believe introducing a weekly leader board for highest score of the week or top five highest scores of the week with weekly prizes would be an excellent addition to this game, please consider this suggestion kind regards Kainen.


An event without a shop or gem sink?

Never gonna happen.

Insert other events already scheduled reply here


Well even if they just made a weekly Leaderboard with no prizes it would be a nice addition obviously prizes would be a bonus.

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This has been suggested a number of times from community members including myself.

There was some positive feedback from one of the devs in one of the threads (sorry my memory nowadays) but i think it’s considered one of the lesser priorities :blush:

Even as a big treasure hunt fan… i would prefer the devs focusing on fixing the in-game issues (extra turn issues, ghost troop issues etc) than installing a leaderboard in treasure hunt currently.

Well I am fairly new to the game and this was just an idea I had pretty much straight away as for issues withen the game I havn’t came across a bug or glitch or any issues as of yet, I don’t think installing a leaderboard would be much issue to be quite honest as they already have the basics there to introduce one the mini game itself calculates your score at the end of the game along with how many turns you made so all that would need to be done is to add a viewable page just as with the PVP leaders not a difficult thing to do,
People like stats and competition the little things like that make games more enjoyable.

It was just to relay on some of the historics to you since you felt fresh to suggest this :grin:

There are a number of game changing bugs at the moment which i personally experienced myself or read some of the reports and undoubtfully you’ll encounter them at some point too.

Treasure hunt at the end of the day is a mini-game and for that reason alone will get neglected from the core part of the games.

I can’t speak for the devs on how easy to implement the new leaderboard will be.
It could be either they’re not interested, or difficult to implement… i don’t know…

Personally i would love to see this happen in future :wink:


Even though I am very weak at treasure hunt I would like to see this happen.

Hope for the best, expect the worst, and see where it falls in between.


Thanks for the suggestion!