Give us a reason to play Treasure Hunt!

Please put better rewards in Treasure Hunt. It’s boring as is and gives crap. I hate it! I don’t even do it when the weekly event is there. At least a chance for vault keys or minor orbs. Something! Lots of players have maps just stock pilling for same reason. I’m Net Sh4rk on Xbox. Sons of Anarchy guild! Let me hear from all who agree please!


Oh so true!

I never touch treasure hunt either, but several of my guildmates do lots of it…

I do a lot of PvP, but several of my guildmates never touch it…


To be frank, a boring Treasure Hunt that gives non-crap rewards doesn’t feel like an improvement, quite the contrary. I’d really hate having to force myself playing a boring game just because I need the rewards.


To me if the rewards were more worth while the boring goes away a lot. It gives you something to shoot for. I was entertained when I needed the Xbox achievement of get 2 vaults in one game. Once I got that nothing else it offers entices me to play.

Interestingly enough, Treasure Hunt is a pure Match 3 game. While the rewards could be better, the game itself shouldn’t change. It’s a homange to what Match 3 is.

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Well, I’m a player that enjoys playing Treasure Hunt but I agree that the rewards suck and since I’m just coming back to the game after a 2 year absence, I’m rarely playing TH unless it’s a daily or weekly event. I’m too busy playing other game modes for guild participation or to just “catch up”.

Personally, the one thing that would spark my interest in TH the most would be a weekly leaderboard with prizes, similar to the PvP leaderboard. Add a leaderboard that tracks the # of moves you made in a TH hunt and you can see how you stack up to others. Top 50? 100? players at the end of the week get loot.

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Leader board idea is good idea as well.

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looks at title…starts laughing maniacally! xD