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Treasure Hunt matching mechanism

So I’ve been playing TH a lot but I still haven’t figured out the location of the new element after a 4+ match.
For instance, the other days I had the following pattern occurred (I recorded it but don’t know how to upload the video, so here is an re-animation in sheets):

So I started by swapping the red 2 and 5, then three 2s combined into one 3; next, two 3s fall down and forms a T-shape. What perplexes me most is that the T-shaped 3s combine into a 4 which locates at the right hand of the T-shape. You’d expect it to locate in the middle of the T since T is symmetric and the 3s fall in the middle.
Does anyone have any idea why, or more generally what’s the mechanism behind those two-phase matching/relocation?

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I think the gems fall accidentally. I don’t think you can have influence on the mechanism. It would be too easy if you could.

For a direct match it seems to be the position an element was moved to by the player. I never really paid attention to resulting cascades, especially those that form from more than one element dropping in. Now I’m curious too.

It is.

not sure about it, but for “cascade” match there might be a predefined position for each pattern (like left-most gem). it’s definately not that simple…
Especialy that sometime direct match leads to horizontal match, which transfers to vertical match, which again triggers horizontal match…what’s weird in such situation is that this last horizonal one happens before gems fall down (4 match from vertical match creates a new treasure “in air”, which gets matched out-right with another 2-3 gems next to it, before any gems fall down)

here’s a simple drawing of whole situation:

direct match is made by doing b2-b3 swap, new trasure is created at b3, which lead to 2 silver coins from c1,c2 to move down to c2,c3 and create a 4-match c2-c5… in result gold coin is created at c4, which leads to 5-match of gold coins in a4-a5 line

Now i’m not 100% sure, if gold coin always getts created at c4…but if it gets created anywhere else, no auto-maching continues and cascade is stopped (when it falls it gets positioned at c5…)

“Now i’m not 100% sure, if gold coin always getts created at c4“
I am not sure either. That’s why I made this thread. Cascading matches are important for predicting moves and it’s just not clear to me as the resulting positions seem to be random.

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