Treasure Hunter Badge

Hey all!!

Does anyone have some tips or tricks to getting said badge? I’ve got some help from a friend but I just can’t seem to get past 40 turns :frowning: I know it’s really luck based but two vaults is ridiculous!! I barely got one and that that was on a last turn! Thanks in advance for the help!


So i am not the only one having the this problem lol i have the same trouble and i have only gotten one vault someone help Please and Thank You

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I’m not a master of treasure hunt by any means, but there are certain things you can do to have more success. I’ve gotten 3 vaults once and 2 vaults a few times, but there are players around who are way better at this than me.

Some general tips are:

  1. Try to get the most out of every single move - after each move, scan the entire board and don’t get fixated on one area. Take all 5-matches from top to bottom (so you don’t mess up something below), then all 4-matches from top to bottom. If there are no 4 or 5 matches available (and see point #3 below), then try to set up a cascade by making a 3 match at the bottom, to increase the chances that something random will happen in your favor.
  2. To get really far, you need to make sure that you don’t get stuck with a bunch of mismatched gems at the bottom, so try to get rid of copper and silver coins (and later gold and bags) at the bottom and let the more valuable gems accumulate there.
  3. To get really good, you need to understand how the gem matches work. In the regular game, making a match removes the gems that you’ve matched. In TH, making a match transforms all of the gems you match into a single higher-rarity gem. You need to understand and be able to predict how this mechanic works. Once you master this, you can use this to create 4 and 5 matches where it doesn’t look like there are any to be made. This is hard to explain in text, but if you have:
    X X C X
    X X C X
    S S G S
    X X C X
    (where X is something random, C is a copper coin, S is a silver coin and G is a gold coin). Then you move the bottom copper up to form a 3 match of coppers, that 3-match will leave a new silver coin in the middle of 3 other silvers, which is now a 4-match. You matched 3, but it didn’t take a turn because it subsequently made a 4 match.

There are a ton of different ways to generate extra turns and free turns like this, but I can’t begin to explain them all. If you play slow and think things through, you’ll begin to see them.

Edit to add: don’t rush to match the ‘high-value’ gems like chests. Let them build up naturally and only worry about creating vaults once you’ve already got a bunch of green and red chests in close proximity.


I wrote this article on the subject for precisely this situation, it has some good tips for you.