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Treasure hunt improvements


I would like to suggest some enhancements for the treasure hunt maps :

  • give guild points for every 50 turns, not after 60 turns ; maybe give less points but you would agree that to reach 120 turns and only get 20 guild points is frustrating (ok, it only happened twice).

  • update the chests rewards : include chaos shards, ingots, pet food, scrolls for kingdoms…

Steps to improve treasure hunt: Find the code in the game. Control-A. Del.


I agree with you. Treasure Hunt needs lots of improvements. They need to change it to give much better rewards such as major orbs, orbs, Arcane traitstone or even a surprise troop card. Also, they need to enable player to exchange the treasure maps with diamonds or gems or acrane traitstone if the player wish to do so, like for every 25 or any set of number with it you can select one reward. Treasure hunt takes a long time and not really worth it right now.