Treasure Hunt high scores 1.0.9 (screenshots)


Thought I might make a new post for somewhere to share our best TH high scores since the updated version. (1.0.9)

Here’s mine:

Who else has smashed the new TH? :wink:

Treasure map - high scores and strategies
Treasure maps suggestions
Treasure maps, what's your most moves?
What do u think of making a Standard Mode for GoW?

From earlier today, pretty similar score, different rewards:


I have a 191 moves, 19xxx score in my first TH of 1.0.9. I can’t figure out how to resize my screenshot from the iPad to be able to upload it here right now so you’ll have to wait for me to get back to work and do it there.


The thing I don’t understand is that score on the end. How is it calculated, and why is it there for o.O


Bragging rights? Not sure about the calculations though.


How is the score for Mario calculated and why is it there for? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m an enonomist, I like to know how stuff is calculated :sweat_smile:
And score in Mario based on coins and remaining time :wink:


probably a ladder sometime in the future - just planning and getting stats now for it. :smiley:


e…conomist? Indeed, knowing the inner workings would be interesting.

Tote @ Mario, just effin’ with ya.


Most likely I’m going to be trying to beat this one for a long time.


Tips please, I totally fail at it :sailboat: << thats my failboat.


Economist = guy that works in economy sector xD


Nice! Gonna have to step up my game before posting a pic i guess :sweat_smile:


Ohhhhh, an economist**! :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t know it was exclusively a male role though… weird.


@Marlene please teach me your ways!


183 moves without single key? Seems legit.


My best during development was 125 moves.


Feel free to post your PB if you wish :slight_smile: we’re all friends here, right?


Anyone been able to finish a treasure map in 8 turns yet? Almost as hard as hitting 75+ turns.


How is it hard? I just managed to do it in the first try. Not sure what’s the point though, rather than just wasting a map.