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Treasure map - high scores and strategies

Hi GoW community! I’m curious - what is the most number of moves you’ve gotten on a treasure map? My friends and I are competing against each other and it looks like I am the champ so far. They are no competition for me, so I wanted to see what kind of scores you guys have. My highest number of moves is 137.

Does anyone have any good strategies?


there is someone who posted a picture of a somewhat dubious claim of something like 1400 moves.

not dubious.


I’d have so many Traitstones if Consoles got the updated Treasure Hunt :frowning:

I can get several Map runs a day over 200 moves if the RNG is being kind.

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This is not the original picture. The original map had much, much more vaults (about 25+). Your background has only 2, which is something between 150-200 moves, and this end score you just photoshoped over your score (or used any other image manipulation tools.


theirs 12 in middle you cant see if you dont believe me do the maths on th stones

I think he is teasing you all. I mean, really: 1337 moves; leet speak much? 0MG I leik pwn j00. Someone call in an airstrike of roflcopters :helicopter:


Well of course Mr Ninja 3L33T is joshing us. He just took Felicity’s own image and (badly) increased her score to 1337.

Don you are of course referring to Navyguy’s stunning score of 1386. His game was of such long duration that the board refreshed itself several times after running out of moves. (I’d put in a photo here but $&?! Safari browser Is messing up the Search function for me.)

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Exactly that one :slight_smile:

There are only 64 squares on the board. 88 glory keys = 44 squares right there, and no way the remaining 20 squares could generate that much gold or glory. Plus he makes all those vaults and gets 44 turned into glory keys and zero into gem keys? Plus, the thing about vaults is, once you create them they can’t move, making the creation of other matches below them far less likely. It is so obviously a fake it’s not event funny. :slight_smile:

The only way to legitimately settle the high-scores argument is for the devs to use a Steam leaderboard, which wouldn’t be that much work for them to do. While it will only show Steam players, it will still be enough people to gauge what the practical limits on all platforms really are.

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Treasure Hunt on the Consoles is still the old version, so the differences would be much different.

The console version isn’t calculating a score, those players will have to wait until they get the next update.

We can manually keep track of moves, but yeah score is not calculable for us unfortunately.

I would be interested to know how high were the Arcane Stones pickings.
It seems that Treasure Hunt is a pretty good alternate to get a lot of Stones in short Time. For those who can handle it tough and talented of course.

One of my best previous scores was:

But today i’ve got to this:

Not a lot of improvement to the gold i want to earn in order to upgrade kingdoms, also more moves needs more time to spend. In the overall i’m happy but will stick with shorter runs for gold only (combining only until green chests), in order to get more done in much less time.

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@Felicity - check out this thread for lots of high (and almost unbelievable) scores and lots of strategies too:

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Darn. And here I was thinking I’m the treasure map queen, but now I see so many people with way higher scores than mine!

Lot of RNG still, but i’m finding longer games in terms of cascading (like you were to play the original game), instead of prioritising 5 or more - 4 - 3, and this top to bottom.

I love how everyone are just bragging, how about them strategies that the topic also happened to include.

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I’ll start. Match low for 3 game matches. Match top to bottom for 4 and above gem matches. Watch for possible drops. use satellite cannon, wait that isn’t right um. Git gud.