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Treasure maps, what's your most moves?

Just curious what people get for their most moves and their average. I probably average between 40-80 most rounds and then my most moves was 136


My most moves is 213, but someone in my guild just got 317 (picture and all) which is insane!! I would say I average between 60-80 normally.


I’m averaging something towards 30~50. I play a pattern more oriented towards speed and gems.

My best score in the old UI was:


You should check this post out!

My record is 290, average is around 60, just enough for extra 20 seals and 1 vault!

I’ve tried to maximize green chests for maximum gems reward, but somehow it’s not quite work for me, as I was spending more time try NOT to make red chests. So now I’m just usually doing my best, might get less gems, but getting extra gem keys are sweet too for chasing Mythic!

If I remember correctly, my personal record stands at 216 which isn’t too bad :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally I find Treasure Hunting the most tedious part of GoW, so on weeks where that’s the Event, I just blitz through as many moves as possible, not caring what I match, then repeat until I’ve got the rewards I want…

My personal record is 169 with an average between 55 and 70… approximately

Last turn, so it ended at 182. :blush:

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134 is my current record and normally average around 40-70 moves.


I’m still salty I didn’t get 150. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My personal record was 104. I average around 50 though. Sadly, I still don’t have the achievement for getting 2 vaults.:sweat_smile:

my best was 300 only got that 2 times tho and I had to be very patient