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Treasure maps suggestions

i played a lot of treasure map and i can say the new system is much better then last one but there is couple thing we could do to make it better

1- when you do a x5 matches you get a extra turn, but when you get another x5 during the cascade you are not awarded of another extra turn. i would like to get extra turn on every x5 even if i get 3 during the cascade

2- gems key are nice reward but we don’t see them often, we need a vault to get them and even if you get a vault you will receive 90% of the time gold or souls. i would had a feature similar at what we get during battle (we receive treasure map after 5 cascades) it woul be really nice if we could win gems keys after 5 cascades during treasure maps

3- Leaderborad for the treasure map would be nice also we could see who got the more moves or best score. we could also had some special prize for the best treasure map hunter, this could be reset every week or month

These are little things but i think it would make the treasure maps more fun to play and will encourage more people to participate and try to win good prizes

Feel free to leave a feedback about these ideas and if you got some suggestion, go ahead and share it


I like these, but for selfish reasons.


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When you get a cascade with multiple 4-matches or 5-matches in the normal game, do you get multiple extra turns, or just one? I know it’s frustrating, but it’s consistent. The rewards are balanced around the current mechanics, and they’d probably have to rebalance them again if they changed the extra turn mechanic.

A leaderboard would be interesting. We’ve got a thread here on the forums where people have posted pictures of some of their best runs, but it would be nice to have that built into the game. I’d like for it to at least keep a record somewhere of your best, so you can tell if you’re improving or had a particularly good run.

1: This is a great idea. I really wish they would make this change.
2: This is also a nice idea. I would love it.
3: We really don’t need more leaderboards. I don’t see a need for them to dedicate coding cycles to it.

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I commented on a similar post before with the idea of 5x hits to upgrade the resulting chest to an additional level above what it would normally grant. i.e. green 5x would be a vault, this would eliminate additional turns though. If anything, I’d like to see TH shortened, spending 10minutes + on a single map can be fun, but taxing for how little rewards you can get, or if you are trying to hack down your stash of 100+ maps.

I really like this… but agree with @Spherix.

definitely love the idea, but i dont think that the devs want to hand out several gem keys per map… and i have suggested leaderboards in a previous thread somewhere, lost with time :smiley:

I want a cascade of 8 or more to award a map from a map. Map-ception

To your second point - Red chests actually can’t pay out gold any more and vaults can’t pay out gold or souls. They changed that in the last update.

I don’t see that argument. If consistency were the rule, that would mean the matches would work the same in both treasure hunts and battles. And they definitely do not. A treasure hunt match does not completely remove the matched “things,” but leaves behind an ascended one. I’ve played quite a few treasure hunts, and I still can’t always figure out what my move is going to do. Plus, moves represent a finite end to to a treasure hunt. Five moves in a row in a battle would be meaningless, since the battle is over once the last foe is dispatched. What would you do if you ended a battle with 3 extra moves? Treasure hunts and battles are completely different subgames that are loosely tied on the same format. It does not disrupt the integrity of the game to add more rules for each that are different.

I’m with @Rickygervais in that I would like to see some some additional payoff from all those extra-turn-earning cascades that go begging.

Gem keys: I like the idea of more, but Ricky’s idea sounds like it won’t fly (too much payout.) I don’t play treasure maps that often because the only thing they are consistently good for is gold. And there are better ways to earn gold. If there was a way to be assured of some of that other currency, then I might bite. I think a gem-key tweak would help, but not as proposed.

Leaderboard: The current leaderboard is meaningless, I don’t see why we need another. But I don’t really care. I can ignore a new one as easily as the current one.

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I think it would be cool to have a leaderboard for Treasure Hunt. Some people are TH-only players and it would be neat to see how well folks do.

if anyone hits the mythic 10k move or greater then gg highscore board

Not possible . But i do believe 500 would be rather achievable

highest possible move count from my calcs is 40k

I’d be cool with a leaderboard. I want there to be a reward table with it as well, similar to PvP.

One problem with this idea however (only talking 'bout the 3rd one), I’m tired of people calling out players like dhjl a cheater with the current leaderboard. I’d hate to see people who’ve worked long and hard on a 1k+ moves map just to be called a “cheater” because they know how to play…


1k really? Wow this is impressive

yea agreed, highest ive gone was like 230, and it took me nearly an hour… i did go eat halfway through though

Agreed, i already calced his playtime based on known info and found no indication of cheating.[quote=“Zelfore, post:15, topic:9257”]
I’d hate to see people who’ve worked long and hard on a 1k+ moves map just to be called a “cheater” because they know how to play…

already happened which led to me going on a mathathon to determine if it is even possible and found that it not only is but that no one has been able to get close to the max number of moves possible.[quote=“Rickygervais, post:16, topic:9257, full:true”]
1k really? Wow this is impressive

1k is actually not even close to the number even possible. No one’s luck or intelligence to my knowledge has reached even 2% of the maximum possible moves you can get in TH. I would say no one has reached 1% but people have made it that far already. I want to know the godman that can achieve the autoboard.

This is exactly why we don’t need another leaderboard. The forum has been filled with so many hater/jealousy threads/comments over the PVP leaderboard. The first thing that will happen when someone has some extremely big score that blows straight past average scores is that people will run to the forum with cheater allegations.


For number 1: I’m pretty sure games could go oooon and oooon and oooon. Also: not the idea.