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What do u think of making a Standard Mode for GoW?

just like Hearthstone, but in a new way.
every week you can only use some countries’ troops to make a team.
you can get more rewards in Standard Mode RANK.

for example, this week you can only use troops from Adana, Whitehelm, Pridelands, and Stormheim.
next week, other countries.

:slight_smile:I think this would be fun.

BTW, Treasure Hunt RANK? :yum:


The problem with this concept is that we’d just end up seeing the strongest 3-4 combinations from those kingdoms. Just like how, not so long ago, everything was either Goblins or Dragons.

If there were some neat rewards, it would be fun… but only bring out the competitive side and reinforce the above problem.

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I think this idea is great for something like a daily or weekly challenge/task system but, as @Shimrra has said, not for a ranked PvP system.

Treasure Hunt leaderboards is a fun idea. Weekly leaders get Traitstones :slight_smile:

I’m not sure TH leaders need more traitstones based on some of the posts in the top scores thread:dizzy_face:

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