Treasure Hunt Event, not giving event items

Yesterday, I started playing the weekly event, Treasure Hunt Event. I earned 67 event gems. GoW gave me the first event rewards, but not the 3rd event, which costed 50 event gems. Thinking it’s glitch I can jar loose by getting 100 event gems, to unlock the 50 event gem prize, it didn’t work. I reached 100 event gems, it allowed me to collect the 4th prize, but nothing of the 3rd prize, which is 30 diamonds. GoW owes me 30 diamonds.

If that’s the case, you could report your missing rewards here:

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Are you sure it didn’t get bulk-collected? Please post a screenshot of your event rewards screen, the green collected symbol is easy to miss with the gem as background.

Hey, a Support ticket would be best for this, you can use the link @Dust_Angel provided (thanks!)

I tried to find your profile but your invite code wasn’t in your forum profile and it seems you use a different name in game so I couldn’t check. Please provide your invite code in your support ticket :slight_smile: