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Good Tithigs Event rewards

Hello all,

I can not claim my events rewards from the treasure hunting. Good Tithing.
Console PS4

I claimed three of them but I played more and have more event thingies to exchange but cannot access the menu anymore. The only option is “Continue” (Square)

Perhaps it is a one time only to claim your prizes. If so I will wait next time till the last minute :smile:

With regards Dipo

ps I tried to find answers online but my online skills are not that good. So sorry if I missed a prefious answer.

Can you post a picture of this screen?
It is not one time thing to claim the rewards, you can get them all at once or one by one or it doesn’t matter, if you reached the next reward you should have the Claim button instead of Continue


Thank you for your fast reply.

It looks like you collected all the available rewards for this week already. You’ll keep collecting event points if you do more treasure maps this week, but won’t be able to use those points for anything.

A new event will start next week.

omg silly me I need glasses I didn’t see the green thingy in the diamonds well. And i am a greedy monster ofcourse. Sorry for the trouble.