Game froze / stuck on treasure hunt screen

Hello, just played my best treasure map game and it’s stuck on the tallying the board screen. :frowning: any way I can fix it?
The rewards and event points are needed! Thankfully I didn’t obtain the 2x volts I was going for!
Xb1 player. In game chat and setting page do open and work. I just can’t do anything else. I have left it a good 15m.

I doubt there is anything you can do to fix it. On PS4, you can jump in and out of the game with the PS4 button (sometimes that will jolt the game into action) - don’t know if XB has anything like that.

It may be that the rewards info was already sent to the server, so you may not lose anything if you just shut down and restart. Chances are, if you’re that far along in the animations, the info was already sent.

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@Stan Oh seems like my reply didn’t post.
Thanks, I had to fully exit the game and relaunch, the rewards were saved! Sadly the jump back in and out didn’t nudge it back to life.
Thanks again, saved me leaving it on all night just in case.

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With this particular game there is never a reason to leave it up/on all night hoping a one off bug/lockup resolves itself.

If you get the retry button though that’s different, keep selecting it until you cant take it anymore.


Thank you, now that i think about it, that makes perfect sense. I guess I’m showing my age and that my gaming history goes back a while :P. I’ll chalk it up to late night. :slight_smile:
Thanks, and cheers for the tip about the retry button.