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Treasuremap froze

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android 4.3OS

Screenshot or image:
I have one, if needed.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Started treasure map, seemed glitchy load, tried to “back” several times. froze treasuremap screen. :neutral_face:/

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
just now once

Steps to make it happen again
I think the “Would you like to rate” keeps popping up, back out of until it clears(or not). Sad is, I’ve already rated it. Would be nice to make it go away perma.

Hey @Xsfx

What do you mean by “glitchy” exactly? Did you happen to get a screenshot?
Were the animations still playing or was the game screen locked up/frozen?

Have you had this issue again since you reported it?

For your 2nd issue, roughly when did you rate the app?

I think it was trying to load the “Rate me” screen while I was loading a treasure map. I used the “back” button (bottom right) to dismiss it, was loading neither, kept hitting back to cancel it. It finally came up with a blank treasure map board, nothing swipe-able, back button allowed me to quit. The screenshot has little meaning-blank board.

Moral of the story-swatting the “rate me”-bad idea. Cancelling things did not normally do this, but first time going into treasure map.

Did you see the rate me screen over the treasure hunt or mini games menu at all?
Did the rating screen lag or freeze onto the screen when you hit back?

I’ve sent some compensation for the issue to your game mail.

O.O I got stuff for a glitched map? Whoa! *mindblown
Thanks for being responsive. Now about that unexplained AI skull spam :wink:

When map screen was loading(clicked, but not loaded yet), it was flickering the rate me screen, so I tried to close it.

I rated it about two+ years ago.

Thanks for the info, I’ve made a bug report so we can look into this.

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Hey @Xsfx Please give your game a reinstall after linking your account to prevent this from happening again :slight_smile: