[Not a bug] Missing Gem keys in Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt is not awarding gem keys

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happens on each attempt

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Create safes in Treasure Hunt

This looks like “bad” RNG to me, not a bug. A vault has a chance to award you Gem Keys, but it also has a chance to award you one of the other “prizes” on that particular line (Glory, Glory Keys, Gems). You’re not getting the drops you want, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bug. Just “unlucky”.


Those chests in Treasure Hunt are basically just another set of loot boxes, you randomly get one of the listed rewards. Infinity Plus Two keeps the drop rates secret, which usually means the Good Stuff has such ridiculously low drop rates that listing them honestly would be considered bad publicity.


Got it . Thanks!

Watch carefully as it’s cashing out the board and you can actually spot what each tile drops – in this case, the “6 Glory Keys” was one of your drops from a money vault tile. (Note you had no red chests at the time, and they drop Glory Keys in twos.)

Watch the end of battle, when the chests open, you will see a gem key image, but in rewards you get glory. Been that way for a ling time.

That sounds like something that warrants further investigation. Any video footage to analyze this in more detail?

First time I hear it.
Vaults are not as common as sand on the beach so I pay attention when I get some. If there have been gem key animation, there have always been gem keys in my rewards.

Hey @nesmi

@Kezef is on it, the rewards on the right side are an indication of what you have a chance to receive from those icons.
For example, a Vault could include Gems or Glory or a Key.

We’ve included this information in the Treasure Hunt game guide if you need any further information! :sparkles:

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