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@OminousGMan & @Jeto

Different names for the same class in german…



So I went ahead and grabbed a fresh copy of the German translation. As far as I can tell, nothing’s been fixed.

Considering a good amount of effort went into this, I once again ask you (@Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan) to improve the community experience and raise this with the dev team and get a definite and straight forward yes or no wrt committing a minimum of resources (replacing strings, lol) to fixing this.


Hey all,

As mentioned previously we (@OminousGMan mostly, the legend) has been collecting all these translation error reports, turning them into bug reports and then sharing them with our development team. From here they are then sent off, confirmed and uploaded to our localization files along with a further series of processes before they can be committed and updated in game.

This is why while it appears as simple as jumping in and editing some strings of text, this process does take some time.

But I greatly appreciate everyone sharing their reports and taking the time to create your own translation docs!


Hi @Jeto ,

Thanks for forwarding these issues - thanks to OminousG too.

The problem is that [Reported] doesn’t mean [Fixed].

This thread:

is almost 600 (six hundred) days old and looking at the first five posts, I see that the following issues mentioned are still present:

  "[SPELL8122_DESC]": "Füge einem Feind {1} Schaden zu, verstärkt durch verbündete Riesen. Erschaffe dann für jeden verbündeten Riesen eine Mischung aus 6 blauen und brauen Edelsteinen.",

  "[SPELLEFFECT_DESTROYGEMS]": "Edelscheine zerstören",

  "[QUEST9521_OBJ1_MSG]": "Raus hier! Königin Beetrix befielt es!",
  "[QUEST9534_OBJ0_MSG]": "Stopp! Das Schwarmbewusstsein befielt es!",

“Create eyebrow stones” (brown stones)
“Destroy precious vouchers” (precious gemstones)
“infested it!” (“commands it!”)

Maybe the best course of action is for CX to submit the old thread again in its entirety or manually verify which fixes were applied before re-submitting, seeing as the community has already done the work several times before.


I mean…


Troop name should be:

Pet name should be:
Kalb der Ogerin


Stop questioning the native German speaker who also plays the game. Tsk!

Kalb vom Oger :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thank you everyone for bringing this to forums. I can’t play in German because it’s so bad but I love having a good laugh about G.T. Native-Germanspeaker now and again.


Even that this has already been reported…
here a reminder!!!

All german cursebreaker weapons read like the description of Cursebreaker Sword
(the BLUE ONE, if your are not able to get your german translator at hand, dear devs!)


Ah, I see; it’s not the only ‘vom’ pet.

Welpe vom Flammentroll

Next step: Kleine hund wo gehoert zu Troll was macht HEISSSsssssSSS.


When were these fixes going to go in again, @Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan ?

english: never
german: niemals

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Hey all,

Overnight a number of translation fixes were processed and will start coming through tomorrow and after the weekend!
But will still be keeping an eye on this thread and following up on any that have yet to be actioned.

I’m looking forward to being positively surprised which number of changes is exactly meant by “a number of translation fixes”.

Slight critique for the future:

Could you please inform about such changes only when the changes actually have been implemented and also please inform about which changes get implemented?
…so that helpful players don’t have to guess “when” and don’t have to search through everything again, checking up on it.

Here is a quick list of some of the changes, or at least the ones I can see/have access to. So there is possibly more to follow than just these;

  • Ogress Calf
  • Doomed Weapons
  • Soaring Dive
  • Barkskin
  • Tower of Doom
  • GAP Description within the Soulforge
  • Piscea - Celestial Strength
  • Sorcerer
  • “Give 4 to all skills on…”
  • Darkstorm
  • Shock Hammer
  • Queen Aurora’s - Rainbow Spirit
  • Gaard’s Avatar - Gaard’s Wrath
  • Amored Boarlet - Raging Snort
  • Assassin Class trait
  • Darkfire Spear
  • Tomb Lord’s Crook
  • Chaos Tree - Dark Hunger

Sorry, it does not include which languages but I know many were German translation issues we grabbed from this thread. So thank you all again!


Thanks, this helps a lot, I’m sure!

mild excitement

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The German translation for “Court of Foxes” isn’t wrong per se but not the best choice either.

Court can be translated to “Gericht” as it is now
Which means a public institution for jurisprudence.
(I don’t think this is the intended meaning.)

Or it can mean “Hof” which means a seat of a nobleman/ including all persons/things who belong to the noblemans entourage

(I think that would be the better translation.)

Funny thing on the side… both german words mean also different things.

Gericht could also mean meal.
Hof could also mean farm yard, or simply a yard.