French translation : top notch

Not sure who’s translating into French, but the jokes are well fetched and could not work in another language. So, thumbs up guys!


Agreed! =) Whoever handles the recent translations, they’re doing an awesome job of it! It’s very consistent and manages to keep the spirit of the English version while using references and puns that work in French. Quite a challenge with all the wordplay and references to pop culture in the original text.

It would be nice if they had the chance to revisit some of the older translations as well at some point, since there are quite a few mistakes and inconsistencies in those.

I typically play in English, but I always switch to French for the new quests and challenges.


We’re very grateful to our French translator. They work closely with us to make sure the French is as funny as the English version.


I agree. The French translation is a lot better and I appreciate the jokes and puns too.
But there are many mistakes and problems of typo in the old ones that need to be corrected.

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Now I feel bad for playing the english version (as a French player of course).
I think I changed to english when the game was missing some translations for team type / kingdom bonuses and never came back :v