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[REPORTED] So you guys started using machine translation?

Although the earlier Chinese translation of this game had many errors, at least it was translated manually. In the latest update of version 5.3.5, all text content is actually machine translated! Have you already given up this game and prepared to develop Puzzle Quest 3? If this game doesn’t even write the skill description of the army correctly, how can we play it? The most ridiculous thing is that even the “result 1” of the machine translation is copied in the skill description, and all the purple values ​​are deleted, making the player completely unable to predict the next damage.

If you can’t translate this game into Chinese, you can contact me, I can translate it easily, and I can also correct the previous mistakes. But please do not use machine translation. It’s disgusting!


Ive never found a program that could accurately translate chinese / English outside of simple phrases. This is a task a human still must do.

Although I would hope they would use a human translator, and it’s nice you offered to help, keep in mind all work must be paid and not use free volunteers. So, they won’t ask the community for help, which is a good thing. They just need to hire a translator. Surprised they haven’t.

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That really is ridiculous.

I don’t think I get it; something doesn’t sit quite right. I was thinking maybe the contractors/translators did a dodgy job and thought they could get away with it (meaning hopefully the devs have a path of recourse, can go back and ask them to do it properly), but the deleted/lack of purple values seems to indicate the translations were just copy-and-pasted in without any oversight (from whoever’s in charge of making sure the cards look/work like they’re supposed to) – which would seem more than just slackness on the part of the translators.

Sorry to hear about this, Chinese GoW players!


I have passed this on, thank you for letting us know.