Translation specific thread for discussion

I won’t take it the wrong way, but I don’t think you actually understood what I was saying. Also, your question about spellcheckers shows that obviously you have never sat down and translated any serious amount of text with a deadline. Yes, I had spellcheckers, but they are just programs and they are not 100% mistake-free.

What I was saying with “typos will happen a lot” is that when you translate the text the first time, there is no way you will make it perfect and without typos. If someone says to you they can do it, they’re lying. You will read material several times and you will still miss things, especially when you have a close deadline. That is why I said that translators also need to have proofreaders. They will check the translation and spot the typos or grammar mistakes. Obviously, the developers of this game decided that they are not going to pay additional people to make sure the translation is adequate. I don’t understand that kind of thinking but it is what it is.

As for your not spotting typos, that is because when translations are done by a company, translators translate text, check it to the best of their ability and then send it to proofreader who will check it again. Usually, the proofreader is fellow translator who works on the same or similar translations. When I was translating The Walking Dead, my translations were proofread by other translators from the same pool, so they knew exactly how stuff should be translated. That gives you consistency.

After proofreader makes corrections, file is sent back to the translator who then decides if he will accept corrections or not. Sometimes, translation goes to second proofreader who then checks both translator and first proofreader. Then the file is sent to the subtitling department where I suspect subtitles are checked the last time before creating the finished subtitle file that goes to video. There are 3-4 checking steps (and yes, spell checkers are involved too) to make sure there are no typos. When you go with just one translator and then release the translation into the game immediately, of course there will be mistakes, and not small ones either.


Thanks for the detailed response, valuable insights.

I have, as a matter of fact. I used to translate technical documentation, manuals and EU regulations concerning construction materials & tools from English to German :person_shrugging:

@Kafka okay here’s my last attempt to change these two cards in German, though the translation error lasts since years:
Gaard’s Avatar says (English): Burn Undead and silence Daemons
In German it is just the other way around, which is wrong! It says: Silence Undead and burn Daemons

Queen Aurora says (English): Give all other allies barrier and life
In German it says (which is wrong!): Give all allies barrier and life


Thing is, it’s both colloquial and more complicated.

It would definitely be corrected in school unless it was used in a story format as someone saying it.

So it’s not technically wrong but still…

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But it’s been translated by a native German speaker who also plays the game!

And this stuff, that’s the confusing game influencing stuff that should never ever happen.

Also, Google translate has done a better job.

Why are Daemons even called Dämonen? To be consistent with the oddness of the spelling they should be Daemonen as Dämonen is just demons.

Anyway… :point_down:t2:

Sunday freebie:

Tomb Lord’s Crook: Explode [Magic+1] purple Gems. Grant a random Status Effect to all Khetar Allies. Then summon a Khetar Troop.

Krücke des Grabfürsten: Lass [Magie+1] Edelsteine explodieren. Gewähre allen Verbündeten aus Khetar einen zufälligen Statuseffekt. Danach beschwöre eine Einheit aus Khetar.

German translation says the weapon explodes all gems, not just purple ones.


well, then I apologize for assuming too much. But still, if you work, you make mistakes. That’s just a fact of life.

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I can see now why you would be upset about this. It’s not just a typo or poor grammar, this is blatant mistranslation which affects your gameplay. If devs don’t think THIS is a big deal, then I don’t expect anything to be solved.

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My favorite one still exists:

I mean, this should be so obvious if you look at it just comparing the words without knowing the language at all.

Side note: The guild guardians are fixed by now (after a couple of years).



Give 4 to all Skills on all XY Allies when matching 4 or more Gems get sick.

And it should also be “beim Kombinieren” not “bei Kombinieren” inthat case.

How it actually should be:
Gib allen Verbündeten XY 4 auf alle Werte beim Kombinieren von 4 oder mehr Edelsteinen.

But “Get Sick!” is funny, you can keep it that way :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll raise you a ‘When I is enraged’


Ok, not sure - you’re right of course. I‘ve only looked at the numbers. Previously it was displayed that you get plus 6 instead of 4 on 4 maches.


Oldie but goldie, Assassin class.

Venomous and Assassinate both say when doing skull damage. Assassinate explicitly states when I deal Skull damage (don‘t know why you need two different wordings for the same thing in one place).

Giftig (venomous) says correctly if you hit with your attack but Meucheln (Assassinate) says kill chance if you combine skulls. There is no hint that the class needs to hit the opponent.


New Doomed Dirk is a Drik in German. What’s a Drik?

It’s Dirk in German as well since we don’t have our own word for that.

Come on!

I know that’s a typo but it starts to feel like trolling.


The funny thing about that is:

How can this typo even occur?

Maybe the native German speaker thought “can’t be Dirk, that’s a boy’s name”. :rofl:

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Anna: “Dirk, do you know what a ‘dirk’ is?”
Dirk: “Yeah, it’s-a me, Dirkio… Just write ‘dirk’.”

Anna: “No seriously, I need a translation here.”
Dirk: “Fiiiine. You remember the actor?”

Anna: “Who?”
Dirk: “Dolch.”

Anna: “Dolch who?”
Dirk: “Dolch Lundgren.”

Anna: “Man, screw you all sorts of ways. I’ll just write ‘DRIK’ and it’s your fault.”
Dirk: “No, seriously. It’s ‘Dolch’ or ‘dirk’…”

Anna: “Yeah, you’re a real drik, Dirk. Thanks for nothing.”


Dolch would have worked - but we already have a Doomed dagger. A Dirk is a type of dagger, right? A Scottish one, I think.

Anyway, that was funny. :joy:

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New patch freebie:

  "[TRAIT_DARKHUNGER]": "Dark Hunger",
  "[TRAIT_DARKHUNGER]": "Dunkler Jäger",

German translation says ‘dark hunter’


I’m sure the native German speaker was thinking that if you’re hungry you of course need to hunt, therefore hunter.

Absolutely logical. :roll_eyes::joy: