Translation Errors Masterthread


French: we can read “Gloabal” instead of Global


French: in the troop section, Kingdom bonuses description is in english


French: in the guild desription, collectez “guild seals” is in english, we should read collectez “sceaux de guilde”


French: in guild war description we can read “Guilds rivaux” we should read “guildes rivales”


French: in the banner menu “select” should be “sélectionner”


Italian: The Silent One translates I Silenti, i.e. The Silent Ones.

Also, “Clean Filter” does not translated with Filtro Pulito (Cleaned Filter). Annulla Selezione would be a better translation.

The race names are sometimes singular, sometimes plural.


Same for the french version

Edit: also they are in random order, need to be in alphabetical order


French: when you finish tteasure map the result show “63 turns” is in english, we should read “63 tours”



The news for a new mythic only says glory, gem, and VIP-chests. There is no mention of guild


And is says “mystisch”, but should say “mythisch”. mystisch translates to mystic which is a troop type, not a rarity type


German translation is messing up a number for the hero weapon “Cauldron”: grafik


Pan’s Vale is translated as Valle de Lagrimas (Valley of tears) in Spanish. I think it should say Valle del Fauno instead (like that film El Laberinto del Fauno says Pan’s Labyrinth in English).



[ 1 ] Weapon name should have no apostrophe in German.
Is: Cobra’s Fluch :x:
Should be: Cobras Fluch :white_check_mark:

[ 2 ] Wrong boost/bonus: to Wildplanes instead of Naga/Mist of Scales

für jeden Verbündeten aus Wildebene. :x:
= for each ally from Wildplanes. (which is obviously wrong)

Should be:
für jeden Verbündeten aus Schuppennebel. :white_check_mark:
= for each ally from Mist of Scales.


für jeden Verbündeten Naga. :white_check_mark:
= for each of your Naga allies.

[ 3 ] Gem colors are wrong:

erschaffe eine Mischung aus 6 grünen und roten Edelsteinen :x:
= create a mix of 6 green and red Gems

Should be:
erschaffe eine Mischung aus 6 roten und lilanen Edelsteinen :white_check_mark:
= create a mix of 6 red and purple Gems (like in the English version)


And in German it is Kobras Fluch


Varessa is completely missing the “Charm a random enemy” part in German (bezaubere einen zufälligen Feind)


The costs for scouting are:

“&1 Gold” instead of “50 Gold”


List of more mistakes for the German language that haven’t been fixed yet:

Dawn Bird (pet name)
:x: Feuerfögelchen (must be a typo, Fögelchen is not a German word)
:white_check_mark: Feuervögelchen
The “cute” version of a Vogel (bird) is Vögelchen in German.

The Devoted (troop name)
:x: Die Ergeben
:white_check_mark: Die Ergebene
The e at the end is missing. The word without it does not make any sense.

Urskayan Crown (spell)
English original: Create 9 Red Gems and summon a random Urska troop.
:x: beschwöre eine zufällige Einheit aus Urskaya.
(= summon a random troop from Urskaya)
:white_check_mark: beschwöre einen zufälligen Urska.
(= summon a random Urska)

King Mikhail (spell)
English original: Deal 9 more damage if I am Enraged.
:x: wenn ich gefesselt bin. (= entangled)
:white_check_mark: wenn ich wütend bin. (= enraged)

Dwarven Gate (flavor text)
English original: Speak friend and enter.
:x: Sprich und tritt ein, mein Freund.
:white_check_mark: Sprich Freund und tritt ein.
As the original is a Lord of the Rings quote, it should be the same in German and not just a translation.

Dragon Turtle (spell)
Engl: Deal xxx damage to the first enemy, then Submerge myself.
:x: Füge einem Feind xxx Schaden zu und lass mich untertauchen
(= damage to an enemy, no mention of the first one!)
:white_check_mark: Füge dem ersten Feind xxx Schaden zu und lass mich untertauchen.”

Stab von St. Astra - Staff of St. Astra (spell)
Engl: Cleanse all allies and give all Allies xxx Life.
:x: Läutere alle Verbündeten und gib allen anderen Verbündeten xxx Leben.
:white_check_mark: Läutere alle Verbündeten und gib allen Verbündeten xxx Leben.
The word anderen is to much.

Humility (spell)
Engl: … boosted by Silenced enemies.
:x:: … verstärkt durch den gesamten Verstummten Feinden (just bad grammatical conjugation)
:white_check_mark: …verstärkt durch verstummte Feinde.

Dryad (spell)
Engl: Nature’s Gift
:x: Natürliches Gift (= nature’s poison)
:white_check_mark: Geschenk der Natur

Draakulis (spell)
Engl: Vampiric Blade
:x:Vampierklinge (one e too much)
:white_check_mark: Vampirklinge

Anubite Warrior (spell)
Engl: Summon a Fortress Gate.
:x: Beschwöre eine Festungsmauer. (does not even exist in the game)
:white_check_mark: Beschöre ein Festungstor.

Moloch (legendary trait)
Engl: Enemies lose 1 Skill point on 4 or 5 Gem matches.
:x: Feinde verlieren 1 Schädelpunkt bei 4er oder 5er Kombinationen. (= skull point)
:white_check_mark: Feinde verlieren 1 Punkt einer Fähigkeit bei 4er oder 5er Kombinationen. (= skill point)

Daemonic Pact (trait in general)
Engl: 25% chance to summon an Ancient Horror on death.
:x: 25% Chance beim Tod einen Dämon zu beschwören. ( = random demon)
:white_check_mark: 25% Chance beim Tod einen Uralten Horror zu beschwören.

Pyromania (trait in general)
Engl: Deal double Skull damage vs. Burning enemies.
:x: Bewirke zusätzlichen Schädelschaden gegen brennende Feinde (= additional damage)
:white_check_mark: Verursache doppelten Schädelschaden gegen brennende Feinde.” (= double damge)

Bonus content:
All the mistakes mentioned here, have not been touched either:

Would love to see all the feedback in this thread having an impact!


@Cyrup @Kafka It would be nice to see at least Varessa and Cobra’s Curse fixed before they will gather dust on the shelve at the end of the week


I have passed those onto the team :white_check_mark:


German version of the game:

Bonus description (or title) for the brown guild statue is incorrect (or rather not translated at all):

:white_check_mark: Ruhmbonus