List of German translation mistakes (Menu/Hero/Weapons)


So I decided to make a translation error list of the German version. I was mistaken in how much work it would be. I did the worldmap, menu and weapons now. And oh boy, the weapons…:cold_sweat:
This took me several hours already only tackling the basic mistakes. There would be a lot of improvement even beyond those glaring mistakes. But yeah, there’s only so much free time for me.

Favourite typo: “Warlord’s Battlecry” (=“Kampfschrei des Kriegsherrn”) got translated into “Warlord’s Crampcry” (=“Krampfschrei des Kriegsherrn”). I laughed.:rofl:


Inconsistent gender [male and neutral mixed] given to the banners. Neutral gender is the correct version. Correcting the male ones:

  • Darkstone: “Dunkles Banner
  • Glacial Peaks: “Gefrorenes Banner
  • Blighted Lands: “Abgrundtiefes Banner


  • In ALL chest menus, the buttons for opening multiple chests should read “Öffne [X] Truhen”. Currently, they say “Öffne [X] Truhe”, which translates to “Open [X] chest”, which makes only sense on the 1-chest-button.

  • Gem and Glory chests: Description should read “4x Chance auf Legendäre, 10x auf Mystische Einheiten"/"Chance auf Legendäre & Mystische Einheiten”. (The word “Einheiten” is missing both times).

(I cannot check the normal tasks as my guild is on legendary ones.)

  • The guardian names are untranslated, they read “Green Guardian” and so on even in German in the main menu. When clicked on one, the popup translates correctly.


  • Treasure Hunt description is a sentence without any logic. I don’t know how to fix it. Its literal translation reads: “Discover you treasure through fitting gems.” I don’t even know.

  • Arena question mark: Last sentence grammar error. Correct: “Dann versuche, so viele Gegner wie möglich zu bezwingen, bevor du zweimal besiegt wirst. Gewinne achtmal für eine riesige Belohnung!


  • Account-tab typo. Correct: “Wenn dein Lieblingsheld auf einem anderen Gerät wartet, kannst du ihn von hier aus verknüpfen.


  • Assassin Armor: Translation Error, should be “Attentäterrüstung


  • Assassin: Translation error, should be “Attentäter


  • Gems: Translation error, should be “Edelsteine
  • All Arcane Stones: Translation error, should be “Arkaner [X]” instead of “Geheimer [X]


  • Blackhawk: Remained untranslated to German as the only place on the map, if it should be translated, “Schwarzfalke” would be the correct name.


General note: The weapons are 50:50 divided into different grammar, one half adressing the weapon itself ([The weapon] Destroys/Damages/…), the other half adressing the player ([You] Destroy/Damage…). This is completely inconsistent, but since I don’t know which version is wanted, I will not list this issue at all, but only focus on other typos/mistakes.

  • Burning Scythe: Formatting error, effect text is not complete, but half cut off.
  • Bull’s Edge: Name remained untranslated.
  • The Stonehammer: Unclear translation. “Sorgt für Chaos auf dem Brett” = “Creates a chaos on the board”. Better: “Mischt das Brett” = “Jumble the board”.
  • Fire and Ice: Typo in description, the word “Feinden” is misspelled as “Freinden
  • Fiery Claw: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Füge einem Gegner [X] Schaden zu. Verursache doppelten Schaden, wenn er blaues Mana verwendet.
  • Frost Reaver: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Zerstöre eine Spalte. Füge dem ersten Gegner [X] Schaden sowie [X] weiteren Schaden für jeden blauen Stein zu.
  • Phylactery: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Stelle deine Gesundheit völlig wieder her. Erhalte einen Extrazug. Gewinne [X] Seele(n).
  • Broken Guard: Wrong name translation. Correct: “Gebrochene Parierstange”.
  • Goblin Crusher: Typo in description, the word “Feind” is misspelled as “Friend”.
  • Holy Symbol: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Füge einem Gegner [X] Schaden zu. Verursache doppelten Schaden, wenn er violettes Mana verwendet.
  • Cauldron: Wrong formatting, the number is shown in different kinds of brackets and doesn’t display correctly.
  • Merchant Blade: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Füge einem Feind [X] Schaden zu. Es besteht 50% Chance, entweder 20 Seelen, 100 Gold oder eine Schatzkarte zu erhalten.
  • Warlord’s Battlecry: Wrong name translation. Correct: “Kampfschrei des Kriegsherrn
  • Chain Flail: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Füge einem Feind [X] Schaden zu. Wenn der Gegner eine untote Einheit hat, füge einem weiteren, zufälligen Feind [X] Schaden zu.
  • Lightsword: Inconsistent naming. Purple Mana got translated as “lilanes Mana” here when elsewhere it’s “violettes Mana”.
  • Prismatic Orb: Wrong name translation. Correct: “Prismenorb”.
  • Orpheus’ Lute: Inconsistent naming. Cleanse got translated as “reinige” here when on the other weapons it’s “läutere”. I personally think “reinige” is easier to understand, though. I don’t know what it is named in the tutorial.
  • Withering Touch: Description typo. Correct: “Stehle vom ersten Gegner [X] Leben und entziehe ihm sein Mana.
  • Tome of Wizardry: Missing punctuation at the end.
  • Yasmine’s Chalice: Wrong name translation. Should be “Yasmines Kelch” (without the apostrophe).

Not sure if any of this is even wanted.:sweat_smile: I did it anyway, though, because translating things is my job and this just keeps irking me.

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