List of German translation mistakes (Menu/Hero/Weapons)

So I decided to make a translation error list of the German version. I was mistaken in how much work it would be. I did the worldmap, menu and weapons now. And oh boy, the weapons…:cold_sweat:
This took me several hours already only tackling the basic mistakes. There would be a lot of improvement even beyond those glaring mistakes. But yeah, there’s only so much free time for me.

Favourite typo: “Warlord’s Battlecry” (=“Kampfschrei des Kriegsherrn”) got translated into “Warlord’s Crampcry” (=“Krampfschrei des Kriegsherrn”). I laughed.:rofl:


Inconsistent gender [male and neutral mixed] given to the banners. Neutral gender is the correct version. Correcting the male ones:

  • Darkstone: “Dunkles Banner
  • Glacial Peaks: “Gefrorenes Banner
  • Blighted Lands: “Abgrundtiefes Banner


  • In ALL chest menus, the buttons for opening multiple chests should read “Öffne [X] Truhen”. Currently, they say “Öffne [X] Truhe”, which translates to “Open [X] chest”, which makes only sense on the 1-chest-button.

  • Gem and Glory chests: Description should read “4x Chance auf Legendäre, 10x auf Mystische Einheiten"/"Chance auf Legendäre & Mystische Einheiten”. (The word “Einheiten” is missing both times).

(I cannot check the normal tasks as my guild is on legendary ones.)

  • The guardian names are untranslated, they read “Green Guardian” and so on even in German in the main menu. When clicked on one, the popup translates correctly.


  • Treasure Hunt description is a sentence without any logic. I don’t know how to fix it. Its literal translation reads: “Discover you treasure through fitting gems.” I don’t even know.

  • Arena question mark: Last sentence grammar error. Correct: “Dann versuche, so viele Gegner wie möglich zu bezwingen, bevor du zweimal besiegt wirst. Gewinne achtmal für eine riesige Belohnung!


  • Account-tab typo. Correct: “Wenn dein Lieblingsheld auf einem anderen Gerät wartet, kannst du ihn von hier aus verknüpfen.


  • Assassin Armor: Translation Error, should be “Attentäterrüstung


  • Assassin: Translation error, should be “Attentäter


  • Gems: Translation error, should be “Edelsteine
  • All Arcane Stones: Translation error, should be “Arkaner [X]” instead of “Geheimer [X]


  • Blackhawk: Remained untranslated to German as the only place on the map, if it should be translated, “Schwarzfalke” would be the correct name.


General note: The weapons are 50:50 divided into different grammar, one half adressing the weapon itself ([The weapon] Destroys/Damages/…), the other half adressing the player ([You] Destroy/Damage…). This is completely inconsistent, but since I don’t know which version is wanted, I will not list this issue at all, but only focus on other typos/mistakes.

  • Burning Scythe: Formatting error, effect text is not complete, but half cut off.
  • Bull’s Edge: Name remained untranslated.
  • The Stonehammer: Unclear translation. “Sorgt für Chaos auf dem Brett” = “Creates a chaos on the board”. Better: “Mischt das Brett” = “Jumble the board”.
  • Fire and Ice: Typo in description, the word “Feinden” is misspelled as “Freinden
  • Fiery Claw: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Füge einem Gegner [X] Schaden zu. Verursache doppelten Schaden, wenn er blaues Mana verwendet.
  • Frost Reaver: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Zerstöre eine Spalte. Füge dem ersten Gegner [X] Schaden sowie [X] weiteren Schaden für jeden blauen Stein zu.
  • Phylactery: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Stelle deine Gesundheit völlig wieder her. Erhalte einen Extrazug. Gewinne [X] Seele(n).
  • Broken Guard: Wrong name translation. Correct: “Gebrochene Parierstange”.
  • Goblin Crusher: Typo in description, the word “Feind” is misspelled as “Friend”.
  • Holy Symbol: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Füge einem Gegner [X] Schaden zu. Verursache doppelten Schaden, wenn er violettes Mana verwendet.
  • Cauldron: Wrong formatting, the number is shown in different kinds of brackets and doesn’t display correctly.
  • Merchant Blade: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Füge einem Feind [X] Schaden zu. Es besteht 50% Chance, entweder 20 Seelen, 100 Gold oder eine Schatzkarte zu erhalten.
  • Warlord’s Battlecry: Wrong name translation. Correct: “Kampfschrei des Kriegsherrn
  • Chain Flail: Wrong description grammar. Correct: “Füge einem Feind [X] Schaden zu. Wenn der Gegner eine untote Einheit hat, füge einem weiteren, zufälligen Feind [X] Schaden zu.
  • Lightsword: Inconsistent naming. Purple Mana got translated as “lilanes Mana” here when elsewhere it’s “violettes Mana”.
  • Prismatic Orb: Wrong name translation. Correct: “Prismenorb”.
  • Orpheus’ Lute: Inconsistent naming. Cleanse got translated as “reinige” here when on the other weapons it’s “läutere”. I personally think “reinige” is easier to understand, though. I don’t know what it is named in the tutorial.
  • Withering Touch: Description typo. Correct: “Stehle vom ersten Gegner [X] Leben und entziehe ihm sein Mana.
  • Tome of Wizardry: Missing punctuation at the end.
  • Yasmine’s Chalice: Wrong name translation. Should be “Yasmines Kelch” (without the apostrophe).

Not sure if any of this is even wanted.:sweat_smile: I did it anyway, though, because translating things is my job and this just keeps irking me.


Cauldron is still wrongly formated.

As mentioned above: the number is shown in different kinds of brackets and doesn’t display correctly.

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I actually just checked: the majority of the translation mistakes mentioned in the original post were not changed at all until now.

Only a few points have been changed and are correct now:

  • guild statue names
  • game mode descriptions
  • merchant blade description

Please Devs have a look at the list above.
The work has already been done. It just needs to be put into the game.

(Maybe this thread must be put into the bug section to be heard? Would be a shame to let it go to waste.)

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This thread is almost a year old and also not the only translation-error-thread I made. I recieved absolutely zero dev-feedback on any of them despite spending hours on a lot of the stuff. I have long given up on trying to help with the translation since these things are seemingly not appreciated. I would stop trying if I were you, there’s nothing you’ll get out of it but frustration. :confused: Then again, no one ever asked me to do them, so it’s not like I can complain… still, given how incredibly bad the translation is, I thought back then the devs would have interest in having a professional translator help them for free. But you know what people say about assuming things…


Bump + reminder (as the translations are still not fixed).

To make this post more enjoyable: my favorite screenshot:

“Warlord’s cramp cry”

Hi all,

We are very thankful for players providing feedback or suggestions to help improve the translations we have in game.

We try and compile all the different translation threads into a bug report, and then create a document for our translators to review before we add any changes into the game. Sometimes we may miss a thread or suggestions by accident because it seems similar to other suggestions we’ve had.

So please understand we do take the feedback seriously, but sometimes it can take time to go in, or it may be that we’ve missed it by mistake.

Right now I’m in the middle of bundling some more suggestions to be reviewed by our translators this week (for each of the languages we support). I’ll will try to include anything that’s been missed from this thread.

Some of the grammar or spelling issues should find their way into the game in the next couple of weeks.

:unicorn: Nimhain

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Hey, fantastic to get some feedback on this topic!

If you are collecting information on mistranlations, please have a look at this thread as well then:

New troop spell description translation error:
Priestess of Light: “Zerstöre eine Säule.”

A “column” is “Spalte” in German. The translation “Säule” is an architectural meaning of column but “Säule” means pillar!

So please change the translation to “Zerstöre eine Spalte.”