Time to hire a French translator

Since some months its becoming absolutely awful with the translation in French. It never was great since 2 years on Xbox but it least it was ok.
What happened recently?

The last 2 Mythic Skadi and Gargantaur still have the translation of their old initially planned power/effect that are completely different. Many troops are still partly in English (Sol’Zara, Tuskar,…). For Tuskar we alerted the devs since at least 3 updates!!!

Guild menu: the 6 guardians are still in english. in shop of guild menu some parts are still in english.
Shop menu: VIP description for each levels are all in english. The last 3 menus (weekly event, glory rewards, promotion) are partly or all in english.
Mail: when I climb a level in Pvp, reward is in english.

Any plan on improving that in near future? At least to what it was 1 or 2 years ago.


more to the list: Shocktopus 1st trait and special power are still in English
Sol’Zara 3rd trait and special power are still in English.

And please fix Gargantaur and Skadi! To have the translation of their 1st initially planned power and 3rd trait is not only of no use but confusing.


It’s a F2P game, i doubt translation is very high on the priority list. Besides, you seem to understand english pretty well, how come you don’t just set the game language to english until it’s fixed?

I’m not trying to offend you, but they could’ve chosen to not translate it at all since there is a ton of things that need fixing, and at the end of the day, this is a F2P game.


Hey Guys,

This isn’t actually our translator’s fault - our translator is a native French speaker who plays the game, and has worked professionally in the games industry. She’s actually pretty awesome.

There is currently a bug where some of the translation is not downloading correctly, and is being replaced by English. We should have a fix for this in the 3.3 update.

For the record, translations are super important to us, and we spend a considerable amount every month on translation alone. We’ve also just updated our process for getting text localized and into the game, so hopefully we will avoid missed text in future!


Can you tell the translator that « drain » and « Steal » are not the same?
In French it’s all translated to steal.

Honestly, your German translation doesn’t reflect that at all. I had posted a list with only the few worst mistakes of the menus and weapons alone here and it’s already massive… Do you have a German native speaker on this as well?