Traitstones need to unlock class traits?

Can anyone tell me the amount of traitstones needed to unlock all traits of a hero class?

First trait for priest is:
18 minor, 12 major, 10 runic wind

How many traitstones do you need for the other 2 traits?

Number 2 is 26, 12, 12 arcane

Single colored classes have a different amount needed than duel colored ones. No clue what any of their 3rd trait is though.

Isn’t it the same as with legendaries?

Would be an improvement if the actual cost for every trait was displayed on the trait and not only visible once the first (or second) trait have been unlocked - goes for classes as well as for troops

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Would also be useful to see prior levels, otherwise the wiki could remain seriously obsolete what with all the troop stat rearrangement.